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The good news is I just got a re­li­able, In­ter­net con­nec­tion. how­ev­er I need an adapter, and right now I’m broke. You can do­nate, say, $30 or less with which I can get a USB-Eth­er­net adapter. For $60 or so I can get a router and use wifi in­stead of a di­rect con­nec­tion. In re­turn with a re­li­able con­nec­tion I can pro­duce more and you’ll have more to read. Think of this as an in­vest­ment in my pro­duc­tiv­i­ty since I won’t get kicked off as of­ten as I am now — and as I was for a few mo­ments there. Help keep Mythus­mage stress free and pro­duc­tive, do­nate what you can.

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This Was Planned?

First, Pat­ty shows up at the 2 min­ute 40 sec­ond mark or a bit lat­er, and the im­pres­sion I get is that it came as a shock to Pat­ter­son. Didn’t he set every­thing up? That’s not what I get.

He didn’t plan for it, he didn’t ex­pect it. To quote the line from My Fa­vorite Year, Nobody’s that good an ac­tor.”

Now watch the film and keep in mind that the big­foot is pos­si­ble, and not just pos­si­ble but ex­ists ac­cord­ing to the footage you’ve just seen.

In a sto­ry I on­ce read many years ago an el­der­ly Jew­ish man goes to his neigh­bor­hood del­i­catessen and or­ders a bowl of soup. The soup ar­rives, he goes to have a sip and learns there’s no spoon.

So he calls to the wait­er and asks him to, Taste the soup.”

The young man hems and haws and as­sures his cus­tomer that the soup is fine, that the cook is ex­cel­lent, and that the din­er us­es on­ly the finest in­gre­di­ents and the purest wa­ter for its soups.

And still the old man says, Taste the soup.”

Fi­nal­ly, more than a lit­tle frus­trat­ed, the wait­er goes to taste the soup. On­ly to dis­cov­er…

There’s no spoon!”

To that the old man re­sponds with, Aha!”

You now have proof that the big­foot ex­ists, that there is soup. Now, taste the soup.

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Bad Analogies


In the Nov./Dec. is­sue of the Skep­ti­cal In­quir­er colum­nist Robert Sheaf­fer an­nounces that the MUFON peo­ple are go­ing to look in­to the pos­si­bil­i­ty of the ex­is­tence of big­foot. From what I read I get the im­pres­sion that Mr. Sheaf­fer us­es this news to re­in­force his be­lief that the big­foot can’t ex­ist be­cause of his be­lief that MUFON must be a crowd of fools.

The Problem

The prob­lem is one that has be­dev­iled sci­ence for ages. It was used again­st Coper­ni­cus, Dar­win, and We­gen­er and is usu­al­ly ex­pressed as, That’s not what I learned in school..” It is the be­lief that new in­for­ma­tion can­not con­tra­dict old, that old­er dis­cov­er­ies must al­ways be true re­gard­less of what we lat­er learn.

Sheaf­fer al­so makes the mis­take of for­get­ting this one thing; the truth of a propo­si­tion has noth­ing to do with its sup­port­ers. Coper­ni­cus’ in­sis­tence that the plan­e­tary or­bits had to be per­fect cir­cles in con­tra­dic­tion to ac­tu­al fact said noth­ing about his he­lio­cen­tric view of the uni­verse, it just con­fused mat­ters un­til Ke­pler point­ed out that that’s not how it works.

An Example

This is an ex­am­ple of Not what we learned in school”. It has to do with phys­i­cal ge­og­ra­phy and how we de­scribe ge­o­graph­i­cal fea­tures. As we learned in school the Bering Strait is a ge­o­graph­i­cal fea­ture and is the bound­ary be­tween Asia and North Amer­i­ca. The strait is in­deed a ge­o­graph­i­cal fea­ture, but not the sort we were taught it is.

That is the Cher­sky Range, which con­sti­tutes the lo­ca­tion of where Asia and North Amer­i­ca butt up. It is known as a plate bound­ary, but as far as I can see it is ac­tu­al­ly the ge­o­graph­i­cal bound­ary be­tween the two for all in­tents and pur­pos­es. You get right down to it, the Bering Strait is noth­ing more than a flood­ed ditch lo­cat­ed with­in North Amer­i­ca and re­al­ly has noth­ing to do with the continent’s bound­aries. In oth­er words, Rus­sia still has ter­ri­to­ry in North Amer­i­ca. It al­so means that Alaska and the Chukchi Penin­su­la are not sep­a­rate bod­ies, but rather a land I’ll call Alukchi with the Bering Strait run­ning through it.

An Implication

The im­pli­ca­tion of this is, since Eu­rope and Asia ar­re most of­ten con­sid­ered a sin­gle su­per­con­ti­nent — Eurasia, so then can we treat Eurasia and North Amer­i­ca as a sin­gle su­per­con­ti­nent — Eu­ri­ca.

Btw, in as much as the con­ti­nent of Africa is mov­ing north to merge with west­ern Eurasia — Eu­rope to you, in a few mil­lion years we’ll have a new su­per­con­ti­nent which I’ve de­cid­ed to call Ar­i­ca. 🙂

Back to Bigfoot

All that pro­ceed­ed this is back­ground to the ques­tion of does the big­foot ex­ist. To an­swer that we need to first de­ter­mine that the an­i­mal can ex­ist. Can it?

Bigfoot’s Existence

To be hon­est with you there is noth­ing that says it can’t. The Bering Strait hasn’t al­ways ex­ist­ed, and as lit­tle as 20,000 years ago was dry land. The claim by some that pri­mates can’t or don’t adapt to cold cli­mates is con­tra­dict­ed by us. We are pri­mates. Cer­tain hu­man pop­u­la­tions have adapt­ed to cold cli­mates as wit­ness the Inu­it and oth­ers.

The snow mon­key of Japan is an­oth­er pri­mate that lives in a cold cli­mate; at least part of the year. As far as I can see, if two species of pri­mate can live in the snow for at least part of the year, why no three or more?

But where would big­foot come from?


Back some 9 mil­lion years ago lived a great ape we now call Gi­gan­to­p­itheus blacki. G. blacki was a gi­ant ape, and con­sid­ered the largest of the great apes. De­scen­dants of Gi­gan­to­p­ithe­cus in­clude the go­ril­la, the chim­panzee, the bonobo, the yeti, the sasquatch, and us. As far as I can see, the six of us have a com­mon an­ces­tor in G. blacki.

The Barrier

But isn’t the Bering Strait in the way?

Not back then. The tyran­nosaur got from Asia to North Amer­i­ca when there was no Bering Strait. When the horse got from North Amer­i­ca to Asia there was no Bering Strait. Hell, when we got from Asia to North Amer­i­ca — at least in the very ear­ly days — there was no Bering Strait.

What this means

What this means is that the Sasquatch is not im­pos­si­ble. It has a pos­si­ble an­ces­tor—Gi­gan­to­p­ithe­cus blacki, and a pos­si­ble route to Asia to North Amer­i­ca. It could ex­ist. And my con­clu­sion is that it does, and that I base on old film footage from 1967.



I link to the ver­sion above be­cause the sec­ond video of the two gives the view­er the best pic­ture of the an­i­mal. The first video is the footage as it orig­i­nal­ly ap­peared, the sec­ond is the cleaned up ver­sion. Based on what I see in the two, Pat­ty was a liv­ing an­i­mal and no fake. She didn’t have to be.

I do dis­agree with some of the con­clu­sions that Mr. Munn makes re­gard­ing what got filmed. Con­sid­er­ing the range, the lens Pat­ter­son ap­par­ent­ly used while film­ing, and the light­ing, I rather doubt the film has any­thing like a clear pic­ture of Patty’s eyes. It’s more like the Face of Mars—a re­gion of Cy­do­nia — which es­sen­tial­ly amounts to a pho­to­graph­ic blur; and in the case of Pat­ty she’s not avail­able for us to take sharper pic­tures of.

You get right down to it, the claims of Pat­ty be­ing some­body in a cos­tume are noth­ing more than frauds.Frauds some peo­ple see as nec­es­sary be­cause they can’t ad­mit that big­foot are pos­si­ble, and from what ev­i­dence we do have do ex­ist. There are big­foot videos avail­able at You Tube, but I have se­ri­ous prob­lems with the first one linked, for the set up is just too Blair Witch for my taste. The pur­port­ed sasquatch is al­so rather scrawny in ap­pear­ance — Pat­ty was more broad­ly built, and it has a hump that is an ob­vi­ous fake — no oth­er sign of sco­l­io­sis ap­par­ent.

We have fake ev­i­dence be­cause cer­tain par­ties re­fuse to ac­cept the pos­si­bil­i­ty of big­foot, and oth­er par­ties play to that prej­u­dice. I see no ev­i­dence that Pat­ter­son and Gim­lin did do a fraud for I do ac­cept the pos­si­bil­i­ty that the Sasquatch ex­ists and see no valid rea­son for why they should fake the footage.

Wasn’t what we learned? Nei­ther was evo­lu­tion or con­ti­nen­tal drift, which proved noth­ing re­gard­ing ei­ther sub­ject. Do I be­lieve in big­foot or yeti? No, but I do ac­cept the ex­is­tence of both, for as far as I can see both are pos­si­ble, and for big­foot we do have ev­i­dence.

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Looking Beneath

Note: This is for a blog fes­ti­val on prog­nos­ti­ca­tions and prophe­cies in fan­ta­sy RPGs. Check out the oth­er es­says on the sub­ject.

This post is about a mag­ic item for fan­ta­sy RPGs. This item can see be­neath and in­to an ob­ject and was orig­i­nal­ly used to dis­cov­er who would be the best sub­ject for div­ina­tion. Then a priest start­ed ask­ing, If they’re such good can­di­dates, why are we us­ing them up?”

There were some who protest­ed this idea, for isn’t part of the pur­pose of con­sult­ing a young woman’s en­trails to cut her up as she screams and thrash­es?

But oth­ers point­ed out that all that scream­ing and thrash­ing ac­tu­al­ly made it hard­er to read her guts and rather ru­ined the va­lid­i­ty of the div­ina­tion. With a tool that could be used to re­veal the pat­terns in her in­testi­nes, there re­al­ly was no need to slice, and with her calm and com­posed — even con­vers­ing with the priests, you could ac­tu­al­ly get more out of a ses­sion than you could oth­er­wise.

Bet­ter yet, with a good sub­ject you could con­sult her a num­ber of times to see what she had to say” on nu­mer­ous sub­jects.

Then they learned that there were things wrong they could see. An ob­struct­ed bow­el, a can­cer­ous mass, a cyst or in­ter­nal bleed­ing. Then there were the preg­nan­cies, for the ladies do have a ten­den­cy of get­ting with child given the op­por­tu­ni­ty.

And it wasn’t just the wom­en, it was men as well. As well as chil­dren as young as just born, and even be­fore. A lot was learned about fe­tal de­vel­op­ment, and when the priests in ques­tion learned how to mag­ni­fy the im­ages they got through the de­vice they were able to learn how an em­bryo de­vel­oped, and even how the whole thing got start­ed.

And this new­ly gained knowl­edge meant that the so­ci­ety in ques­tion made sub­stan­tial ad­vances in mun­dane and mag­i­cal med­i­cine. Life got a lot health­ier for peo­ple and life spans im­proved.

It al­so meant changes in ma­te­ri­al sci­ence, for what was used to ex­plore the body could al­so be used to ex­plore things such as met­als, crys­tals, flu­ids, and oth­er things. Min­ing and trea­sure hunt­ing be­came a lot eas­ier and thus a lot cheap­er. Res­cue mis­sions worked a lot bet­ter, and young acolytes found them­selves earn­ing mon­ey for their tem­ple find­ing lost items.

The glass­es — as they be­came known — al­so start­ed be­ing used to find what cer­tain par­ties would rather were not found. That led to mag­ics be­ing cre­at­ed to keep cer­tain mat­ters hid­den, and that in turn led to things be­ing hid­den that harmed oth­ers. The glass­es were a boon in many cas­es, but they were al­so used to harm cer­tain par­ties.

This is an ex­am­ple of how work­ing div­ina­tion could be used to the ben­e­fit of oth­ers, and to re­mind us that such abil­i­ties can be used to harm. You are wel­come to in­vent oth­er ways of us­ing such as ac­cu­rate for­tune telling and re­li­able as­trol­o­gy. Just re­mem­ber that any tool that does it’s job as promised will change mat­ters im­mense­ly.

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The worst friends are those who en­cour­age you to be a fool.

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