A History

Wherein a Beginning Begins


I've been reading Steven S. Long's Fan fantasy Hero and a notion has taken root in my mind. For it occurs to me that I have a fantasy world to detail, for all that it began as the work of another.… More to come

One More Time!


An Infinite Adventures persona can carry his Physical Trait in weight expressed as a ratio of Trait to weight. So if he had a PTrait of 140 and a weight of 160 pounds then his carrying capacity would be 224 pounds (160x1.4),… More to come

This Time For Sure

I Hope

In Infinite Adventures a persona may carry up to his PTrait as a ratio of his weight. So should he have a PTrait of 133 and a weight of 240 he would then be able to carry 1.33 x 240, or 319 pounds.… More to come

Messing With Things


What I'm doing here is I'm working on adding a mechanism to Infinite Adventures, and role playing systems in general. It comes down to this, it ha occurred to me that certain guide designers really don't want to be bothered with messy matter such s stamina and endurance, so I have decided to correct this matter.… More to come

Girl Genius

Source: Girl Genius

Just recently I've started following Girl Genius again and with today's episode it has occurred to me that there is somewhat more to the story of the jagers that I'd thought.

I have a feeling that having gotten the jagerdraught, even through an injection, Zheetha did go through the transformation.… More to come

A Notion


I'm reading through Champions Complete from Hero Games and I got this idea. I don't exactly remember where I saw this, but it seems that should a character take so much damage in a single attack he suffers an effect.… More to come

I Have a Feeling

It has to do with Covid 19 and with how it might affect us in the future. The last I've heard it is apparently a rather contagious beast, but not all that deadly when you get right down to it. Thing is, given that it is fairly contagious even when it's not all that deadly it would appear to be deadly enough.… More to come

Revised Schedule

At the moment I'm feeling a bit woozy as it were. My head is sort of spinning around and it feels like my moving a tad too fast would put me flat on the ground. So once I've posted this I'll be turning off the lights, putting on the cpap, and snuggling under the blanket.… More to come

The Witcher TRPG | R.Talsorian Games Inc.

 The World Doesn't Need a Hero. It Needs A Professional! In the midst of the 3rd Nilfgaardian War Geralt of Rivia, the White Wolf, scours the Continent for traces of his lost love! But this is not the only tale. A million other stories play out across the vast continent  and you are right in the middle of one of them!

More to come

Still Hoping

At this time I have raised $90 of the $1000 I'll need for a scooter, still have $910 more to go. You can please help

In other news I'm going into the hospital to prepare for the operation to get that kidney stone removed.… More to come

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