Time to Update

I have an apartment and I’ve been getting stuff for it. I’m also feeling crappy right now and that may last for awhile. To top it all off, my bank and bus card are both acting up and may need to be replaced.

As for the world itself, I just can’t wait until we run out of oil. I’ll explain later. I hope you’re all doing well and I’ll write more later.

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A Virus Assails

I’m waiting on an apartment. As I wait I’m sleeping among about some 250 men, a small few of which have no idea some of their neighbors would like to sleep. This means stress, and stress screws with productivity.

To top it all, I’ve got a cold. That means I have no real energy and I can’t focus. But I do have an observation.

My observation is this. That if all the people who said that they would flee to Canada should Trump be elected President actually did, our population would suffer a serious population decline. To sum up, we wouldn’t have enough people to keep things running. We would need more people, more immigrants. I expect that in the coming days we’re going to see immigration quotas expand, and our border are going to open up.

That’s my prognosis.

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How Mundane can You Be?

This is the future? Let’s see; racial intolerance, bossy cops, deteriorating infrastructure. How 1950.

New Discoveries? About the only major discovery I know of is the discovery of the sasquatch, according to the people at the Sasquatch Genome Project, and that’s not exactly all that world changing.

Now in the past we had a lot of major discoveries. That the Earth orbited the Sun for one—later supplanted by the discovery that the Sun and the Earth orbit a common center of mass between the two. The fact that electricity and magnetism are the same—at least officially, that the forces are manifestations of the curvature of space-time, or even that space-time is an actual thing that can be manipulated. But now?

Now we apparently know everything there is to know. Right, and California’s Channel Island Fox is a wild animal.

We still have more to learn, but we don’t know enough to know what we don’t know. I mean, how do the forces come out of the shaping of space-time? How did the ancestors of the modern sasquatch get to North America? What are superstrings made of, supertwine maybe?

That’s the thing about us, we ain’t perfect. You can insist all you want, you ain’t perfect. Even worse, we’ll never be perfect. There will always be things we can’t know given what we now know, but which we will later know once we have learned how to know. And the first real step to learning what we don’t know will be when we learn to accept there are things we don’t know. That our knowledge is, and always shall be, imperfect and incomplete.

The most important word a scientist can learn is, “Oh.” The acknowledgment that something unexpected is going on. That matters are not what we had learned before, but rather different in a substantial way. How does space-time get bent? Could we bend space-time in some unexpected manner and use this trick to our advantage? Do photons have mass and why?

—Yes, I know that officially photons don’t have mass. But is this actually true or is it an assumption we make arising from our current inability to detect the mass of a photon?—

—And yes, I am well aware that officially there are no giant bipedal apes in North America, or so say individuals from the some 500 million giant bipedal apes now living in North America.—

To get back to my point, we’re now in a position where our discoveries have come to an apparent end because we don’t know enough to know there will be more discoveries. Where we will learn where and how we went wrong and how to correct our errors. Live goes on, change goes on, learning goes on. A century from now their histories are likely to speak of things we could not have expected. Cops learning how to handle stress, bigfoot crossing signs, nanites maintaining our infrastructure. Even really weird shit. Progress will continue as long as we live, and what will come in the future will always take us by surprise.

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When Your Library Beats the Web

I went searching through the web to see if I could find PDF copies of Lynn Thorndike’s A History of Magic and Experimental Science. No such luck. So then I did a search in my library’s catalog and found it. It’s in storage and is on site use only. The Dewey Decimal number of 509 and it is under the author Lynn Thorndike in case you’d like to search in your public library.

If you’d rather go looking in your college library do a search on Lynn Thorndike and that should give you the Library of Congress number.

So, The Web has everything. Right, and the first chapter of Genesis is an accurate account of the creation of the world.

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And Then Today…

I had a meltdown. Ask someone autistic or a psychiatrist about meltdowns, they’re nasty. You are either made immobile not daring to do a thing, or you lash out and thrash about. Fortunately I’m well into the process of recovery.

What causes a meltdown?

Stress, and it really doesn’t have to be all that much stress. All you really need is enough stress to overwhelm you, and if you have autism it really doesn’t have to be all that much stress at all. And you want to know the worst thing? Even you, Mr. Calm and Collected, can have a meltdown should events just overwhelm you.

I got overwhelmed. I had a meltdown. I closed my eyes and took a nap. When I woke up again I was feeling better and now able to prepare for the day. This afternoon I go and see my doctor, and later this week I get to make up for the chore I missed.

That’s my day so far, how is yours going?

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