Source: The Robots Might Not Be Coming for Your Job After All – Seeker

I expect you’ll disagree with the article, but keep in mind that the author does have a point. It’s not that automation is going to replace us as workers in all situations, but that automation will replace us in rote work, work that does not require much if anything in creativity and imagination. You don’t need brains to look for examples of the word “blatherskite” in a manuscript, in fact, human beings have a tendency to start ignoring what they see when they get tired of seeing it. Computers don’t have that problem, at least at the moment, and the later sentient computers may not as well.

Still, the continuing automation of the workplace does mean we do need to rethink how we approach work and how we prepare for the workplace. It means we can no longer make our children worker drones with no initiative or creativity. It means we need to start teaching our children how to be creative effectively. Most importantly we need a revolution in education where our teachers stop trying to control large classes and go to small class sizes where the teacher can interact with individual pupils more often. And that means increased funding for education, even if it kills us.

The world is changing, you can’t adapt to the changes your bloodline is doomed.

On Land?

Source: Fossil Find Could Rewrite the Record of Life on Earth – Seeker

No, what I see is that what we have here is evidence of life in land. Life, that is, that lived under the surface where it was protected from the ultraviolet then bathing everything on the dry ground.

Subsurface life that essentially prepared things for life from the sea to colonize the surface of the land once the ozone layer was in place.

But still it is interesting and I think you may want to have a look a the article.

I’m Doing Things

People are starting to subscribe, and maybe in a couple of years I’ll be back up to a few hundred again.

I’ve also gotten back to the Mythus Outline and I’m currently expanding on it. Then I get to actually write for the Mythus draft, and that’s going to be fun. 🙄

Other than that I have things to check out, and tomorrow I’ll be going to a local game store—way up in the boonies as far as I’m concerned—to see what the gaming scene is like in these parts. And I’ll be having a look to see what I can blog about after I post this. So you later.


A newly-developed ultra-thin material tricks the human eye into perceiving highly detailed 3D images without the need for special glasses.

Source: Nano-Hologram Technology Will Bring 3D Images to Phones, Tablets, and TVs – Seeker

I was so certain that I would be dead before this happened, but then, it’s happened. And it appears that the tech is better than what movies like Star Wars have promised.

Right now it appears that folks are talking about using it with vertical screens – as with television, but I’m thinking of using the technology with horizontal screens. As a matter of fact, I can see where this could be used with a site such as Roll20 for role playing guides. Picture an image of your character with his actions and movements controlled through a computer. Or for that matter, a strategy game such as Civilization or a 1st person shooter displayed in 3d.

This is going to be popular once things get worked our.

I Go too Far

I have a bad habit of gleefully piling on too much. This means things in my life getting messy and uncontrollable and screw up. That means I need to clean things up, and when matters get totally smurfed up re-done.

So not I’m re-re-re-starting Mythusmage Today and this time I am going to watch what I’m doing. We’ll see how long that lasts. 😉