It Occurs to Me

That considering what seems to be happening in locations where people are just slacking off where C19 is concerned we’re just taking things a bit too far. From what I’ve heard there is a Brazilian state in Amazonia where they’re basically ignoring the pandemic, and the last I’ve heard is that the spread of the virus has effectively stopped at just two thirds of the population. You get right down to it, a third of the population just isn’t getting it. So something like 2/3rds comes down with Covid 19 of whom 1% die. Near as I figure that would be 300 million patients in the US, with about 3 million deaths. That does not sound like a calamity to me.

But keep in mind we are talking about a world that was just not ready for this. Our medical industry was on a tight leash to begin with, what with certain parties just having to to fuss about their precious gild, instead of making efforts to prepare for eventualities, so when something like the Corona Virus swamps us with more patients than we can really handle we find we need to reorder our priorities.

And keep in mind that we are talking about a disease where even mild cases can do a lot of damage. Take the artist Liz Danforth as an example. She’s still recovering from a mild case. Essentially her body is getting rebuilt and it’s taking it’s own sweet time about things. People get weaken production suffers which means our economy suffers. That in turn means we no longer have what we need to deal with the ill plus all the other crap that’s going on.

But what it comes down to is, there will come a time when we’re just going to give up on all this C19 fussing, societies will open up again, and C19 will become just a part of life. Mark my words. We can’t stay on edge forever and a day, we will slack off and I expect that matters will work out in the short run pretty much as they appear to be doing in the long run. We’ll start spending more of our effort on caring for the sick than we do keeping them from getting sick in the first place. In other words, our descendants will be asking why we spent all that effort on the short term when we really needed to be working in the long run?

So there you have my thinking on this matter. And if you’ve been sick be sure to eat properly, get exercise, and stay in touch with your friends.

I’m Stymied

I am at present getting a b2evo site set up, unfortunately for an autistic like me the instructions for doing things are not all that clear. I have the feeling that the manuals were written by people who assume everybody knows the basics of such matters, which I don’t. And being autistic I can have problems dealing with things. So if you can help please do.

Trump reportedly signs off on $1.8 trillion virus relief package

President Donald Trump has reportedly signed off on a $1.8 trillion COVID-19 relief package.

Source: Trump reportedly signs off on $1.8 trillion virus relief package

So we enter into negotiation, the two sides compromise, and soon after the election we’ll see something like another stimulus payment of about $1200. That happens I’m definitely getting an iPad with accessories for myself.

Good News Today

Roxanne, my caregiver, dropped by with a few items. One is a grab bar for my shower, maintenance here gets to install it. Also for the shower is a shower bench so I don’t have to stand on my wobbly pins, and a raised seat for the toilet. She’ll be coming by tomorrow to pick up my laundry.

And tomorrow I’ll be getting a pair of visitors to check in on me. I don’t think each knows about the other.

In other news I just got a copy of the Genesys RPG, which has mechanics for social encounters. Basic guidelines for handling them which appear to work rather well. Genesys also has mechanics for rolling for good and bad events whether you succeed or fail in an attempt. They do ask that you be creative.

So you could have a situation in a fight where you actually hit the big bad, and it was a mighty blow which knocked him back from the altar where he was about to sacrifice the victim, but you also ended up sprawled on top of said victim who just happened to knee you in the pit of the stomach knocking the breath out of you. Lots of potential here. 🙂

Anyway, the first of the month comes up on Thursday, and on that day I’ll be ordering a tall rollator for my use –I ain’t waiting on the paperwork to see if my insurance pays for it. And with the rollator I’ll be able to go to a bookstore to pick up a few magazines. Anyhow, hope you’re having a good day.

Your Persona’s Race

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We’ll note by starting from the fact that while our differences aren’t really all that great, we still have differences. And these differences are noticeable, especially when it comes to skin color and sometimes appearance.

Then you add in our ethnic differences, which while they are more open to our interpretation so still set up apart.

On our Species

Over all we all belong to the same species, an animal known as Homo sapiens. A species just about 100 thousand years old and composed of a number of sub-species. Populations often referred to as “races”. But at the same time we can also include descendants going back the the Neanderthal, the Denisovan, and  possible even H. Erectus, though we’re really not sure yet.

And then you have peoples such as the African Pygmy and the Negrito of Melanesia who may well be separate species in their own right. You get right down to it, what we have in common is a matter of our genus, a group known as “Homo” or “Man”.

On Earth

And on something the size of the Earth with all the area Earth has for terrestrial life you’re going to have a lot of territory and a variety of environments for different ethnic groups, sub-species, and even species. And when you take in just how much in common each of our populations have when you get right down to it, you might as well say there’s really not enough to discriminate between each population, so you might as well just say we’re all equal and treat us accordingly.

Summing Up

So in the typical Dangerous Journeys guide with it’s Earth sized setting, you are going to have different races of humans, different kinds of humans. And those different species could well have races of their own. In any case when it comes to deciding on or determining which races your HP is going to be, that will either be your choice or something determined by a die roll or the draw of a card. And when you consider how much we resemble each other in the long run, it really makes no sense to insist on some race or species being so different from the others they are not a good choice to play. So that Afar Black maybe some 7′ tall, doesn’t mean he can’t be a good role to assume.

And keep in mind that when you come right down to it, we are all of mixed race and that there is really not all that much where those pure of race are concerned. Officially I’m white, but there is a good likely hood I have black ancestors, and a fairly good chance I’m part Neanderthal. So make your Persona your own and know that he is part of an extensive brotherhood.

The Dying Russians

Between 1992 and 2009, the Russian population declined by almost seven million people, or nearly 5% — a rate unheard of in Europe since World War II.

Source: The Dying Russians

Russia is a dead state, that’s what it amounts to. Vladimir Putin is at the head of a corpse and under him the corpse is twitching just as if we were talking about a human body in the year of the person’s demise. And not only is it twitching, it’s shambling about with what amounts to an immune system gone cancerous posing a threat to parts of itself, and to neighboring states.

Russia is dead and we are watching and waiting as the carcass decomposes, with the bones being exposed and the bacteria and fungi infesting it lashing out blindly in a doomed attempt to make it support them in the manner they so desperately need. And all the while the world waits.

Beijing waits for the structure to collapse, oh so blithely ignoring the fact that without Moscow’s presence giving them a reason to continue on they are doomed themselves. For the Chinese need something like Russia to give them a reason to unite when there is so much drawing them apart.

And with the PRC there is Pyongyang, a Chinese client state in a state of rigor mortis blustering all the while her structure is collapsing in the fact of aggression by Seoul.

And all the while we are going through our own Civil War, or as author David Brin keeps telling us, a flare up of an old conflict between parties bound and determined to see the other side cast out into the deeper darkness. With Russia’s death we face our own extinction and this at a time when climate change bids fair to change things and re-sculpt human civilization. For Putin and Trump are both symptoms of a rot that will require radical treatment, revolutionary treatment.

We will see the lands now occupied by Russia being broken up into numerous smaller states, for Russia is just too big to be viable. China may well follow in her wake, while North Korea will find herself being incorporated into an expansionist  Korean Republic. The U.S will change as well, with old states being replaced by new ones and her republic recast to better handle the world to come. And Canada bids fair to become leader of the world.

That’s my assessment.

Getting Older

I know that as we get older we’re supposed to be getting more and more conservative. But in my case it would appear that I am getting more and more liberal. And that because thanks to my increased experience I am getting wiser and wiser.

When young I was somewhat conservative. For the most part because I made assumptions about the world. Assumptions based on my lack of experience. As I learned better I became more liberal. The way things are going in my 90s I may well become a flaming radical. In any case as of today I’m all for most liberal causes, in so far as they promote the social welfare and human dignity. I mean, being ultra rich would be nice, but if it meant that most of that money really wouldn’t be doing anything it wouldn’t kill me to let the government have it. Long as I have enough for food, housing, clothing, and medicine have a few shekels to help that young mom with her brood and that homeless man get off the street. Ain’t gonna kill me. At least not much faster then aging is going to anyway.

Oh, and I’m also writing to say “thank you.” to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Classy broad, let’s hope the fight over her seat on the Supreme Court is a long one not settled until sometime after the inauguration in 2021.

And finally just in case, here is my wish to see President Harris does well in her new office should Biden expire any time soon. We all know that Joe is old and that the Presidency can wear a fellow out, the fact he choose a competent person for VP gives me hope for the country. In any case I wish you all well.

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