I Got Busy

I’ve done some clean­ing and I still have more to go. Some­time this week I’m sup­posed to get a new re­frig­er­a­tor and a few things fixed. That’s why I’m clean­ing up.

In ad­di­tion, I could use a cou­ple of book­cas­es or book­shelves. You live in San Diego and you any you can spare, and they don’t cost a whole lot, drop me a line and af­ter this Wednes­day I should have the mon­ey for them. You will need to de­liv­er them, just make sure to arrange a time for you to ar­rive at Stu­dio 15.

In oth­er news, I’m feel­ing bet­ter now that I’m tak­ing my med­i­cine. When you’ve got ma­jor de­pres­sion tak­ing your meds is vi­tal. So is eat­ing right, and that means I need to look in­to a di­et that en­cour­ages the good in­testi­nal flo­ra. So I guess I’ll be look­ing in­to the sub­ject of de­pres­sion and di­et.

In even fur­ther news; I’m go­ing to see a proc­tol­o­gist on Fri­day re­gard­ing my in­nards, and I need to set up an ap­point­ment to see a den­tist. And if that were not enough, I’ll be get­ting some blood work done — for both clin­ics, as well as get­ting a re­fer­ral for a hear­ing test — I am near­ly 63 af­ter all :).

And con­sid­er­ing that a friend re­cent­ly con­sult­ed with an ENT, and I en­cour­aged an­oth­er to check with one her­self, I’m go­ing to have to see about get­ting a re­fer­ral to one my­self.

And if this all is just TMI re­mem­ber that you chose to read it. 🙂

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A Follow Up

But First

Be­fore any­thing else I have to apol­o­gize. I promised you a fol­low-up to a pre­vi­ous post—An­oth­er Big­foot Post—but then got my­self over­whelmed. So here’s my apol­o­gy, and now for the fol­low-up post.

The Why

Why am I do­ing this post?

Be­cause I see prob­lems. Prob­lems among those who be­lieve in the sasquatch and those who deny. Among those who be­lieve the big prob­lem is their mis­in­ter­pre­ta­tion of what the an­i­mal is or could be. Among those who deny the prob­lem comes down to their re­fusal to ac­cept the big­foot is even pos­si­ble. They ei­ther just don’t see how a great ape in North Amer­i­ca is pos­si­ble, or they re­fuse to see.

Yet there have been times when there was no Bering Strait sep­a­rat­ing Asia and North Amer­i­ca. The an­ces­tors of the Amer­i­can In­di­an used such a time, as did the an­ces­tors of the North Amer­i­can tyran­nosaurs very much ear­lier. Hors­es did the same, on­ly go­ing from east to west. Those are the an­i­mals I know of, there may­be oth­ers.

You get right down to it, some 20,000 years ago there was noth­ing stop­ping a ter­res­tri­al ape from cross­ing in­to North Amer­i­ca from Asia. It was pos­si­ble, and from the ev­i­dence I’ve seen, I’d have to say it has hap­pened.

Frauds and Fools

Un­for­tu­nate­ly, oth­er than the ig­no­rance on the part of the de­niers we have two rather nasty bar­ri­ers to the ac­cep­tance of Big­foot, frauds and fools.


I’ll deal with the frauds first, who are those who make shit up. We’re talk­ing about pranksters, trick­sters, trolls. Peo­ple such as Pan, Loki, Bugs Bun­ny, or the orig­i­nal Daffy Duck. The Sa­tan of the Old Tes­ta­ment falls in­to this group, and the Je­sus of the first two Gospels qual­i­fies as well.

We’re talk­ing about peo­ple who en­joy mak­ing fools out of oth­ers, gives them a gig­gle. When tar­gets with strong be­liefs — pro or an­ti sasquatch — are avail­able, then why not have fun?

Which means you get a load of crap. Men in cos­tumes, fake re­mains, that sort of thing. I re­cent­ly ran across a video pur­port­ing to show a big­foot tak­ing a huge dump right on cam­era. Right from the be­gin­ning you could tell this was not footage to be tak­en se­ri­ous­ly. How do you tell?

  1. An over­wrought nar­ra­tor.
  2. An over­done back­ground.
  3. A re­al­ly bad cos­tume with a patent­ly ob­vi­ous mask.
  4. A sub­ject play­ing for the cam­era.

The last is the re­al­ly im­por­tant one, for there is film and video in which the sub­ject does not play for the cam­era, ap­par­ent­ly hav­ing no idea of what they are look­ing at. Folks, no one is that good an ac­tor.

The fools

And then you have the fools. Those who rather bla­tant­ly mis­in­ter­pret what they’ve seen. In my es­ti­ma­tion the worst is Dr. Mel­ba Ketchum DMV of the Sasquatch Genome Project. She says that she has se­quenced the sasquatch genome, but I can find no sign that she has. What I see is that she and her peo­ple have done some ba­sic test­ing, but that isn’t what the sub­ject needs.

Then you have her claim that the sasquatch is a hy­brid of ape and hu­man. To which I can on­ly ask, say what?

Last I’ve heard, hu­mans are 99% go­ril­la and 99.6% chim­panzee. We ap­par­ent­ly have a com­mon an­ces­tor with the chimp and an­oth­er with the go­ril­la. In short, we’re fam­i­ly. And in as much as they are de­scen­dants of Gi­gan­to­p­ithe­cus Blacki so are we.

Sticking Point

Yes, there is a stick­ing point where G. blacki is con­cerned, but it helps to re­mem­ber that we’re ac­tu­al­ly pret­ty lucky to have the re­mains of past life that we do have. From what we do have re­gard­ing an­cient great apes in east­ern Asia I think it very like­ly there with a Gi­gan­to­p­ithe­cus species that mi­grat­ed in­to north-east Asia and from there in­to North Amer­i­ca.

The Deniers

I can un­der­stand why some peo­ple deny the ex­is­tence of big­foot. For one thing, they look too hu­man. Way back when peo­ple de­nied the ex­is­tence of orang­utans and chim­panzees, be­cause they looked too hu­man. Given that the Big­foot is an erect bipedal ape they’re en­croach­ing on our ter­ri­to­ry. We’re sup­posed to be the erect bipedal ape — said I in some ire.

Tell me, who said we could be the on­ly erect bipedal ape in ex­is­tence?

So Sasquatch have to be hu­mans in some cos­tume. Well, if that’s what you claim, prove it. One Bob Heiron­imus claims to have played the Big­foot in the Patterson/​Gimlin film, but Dr. Jeff Mul­drum has had a look at the film of Heiron­imus in cos­tume and that of Pat­ty her­self and has come to the con­clu­sion that Bob in cos­tume is first the wrong size, and then when you ad­just the re­spec­tive im­ages so they are the same size, he is now the wrong pro­por­tions.

I see no rea­son why you can’t have two species of erect bipedal ape.What I do see with those who deny the ex­is­tence of big­foot are peo­ple who are scared of the an­i­mal and what his ex­is­tence says about ours.

One last thing, here is a video of ei­ther a male sasquatch or fe­male pick­ing up a sasquatch child and run­ning away with it. If it is a fake, then why doesn’t the adult show any recog­ni­tion of the cam­era or the per­son us­ing it? Why is the adult Sasquatch run­ning away as if he was run­ning from some dan­ger­ous an­i­mal. Could it be that to a Sasquatch Hu­mans are just too much like them for them to be com­fort­able with us.

BTW, there’s an­oth­er video be­low the first I men­tioned in which the nar­ra­tor has a look at the sub­ject

And be­fore I go I have a ques­tion. Why is it that the footage you see show­ing what is most like­ly a re­al Big­foot so damn bad? So blur­ry and out of fo­cus? Do you mean to tell me that just be­cause you see a sasquatch you have to have a melt­down? You see a big­foot take a few deep breaths, let­ting them out slow­ly, and just calm down. Then take up your cam­era, make sure you’re us­ing the main lens, and fo­cus man­u­al­ly. If your cam­era has au­to­mat­ic fo­cus, dis­able it. Au­to­mat­ic fo­cus is a crime again­st pho­tog­ra­phy. Oh, if you must take pic­tures take tons. Even the best of the Na­tion­al Ge­o­graph­ic pho­tog­ra­phers on­ly use less than 1% of the pic­tures they take, be­cause the vast ma­jor­i­ty of the shots they make sim­ply stink. So fo­cus man­u­al­ly, take gi­ga­bytes of pho­tos, and stay calm. So we share the world with an­oth­er erect bipedal ape, is that a sin again­st God? We’re not alone, deal with it.

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Another Bigfoot Post

Dur­ing Comic Fest I saw and talked with physi­cist and au­thor Gre­go­ry Ben­ford. I one oc­ca­sion I said I ac­cept­ed the ex­is­tence of big­foot, and he asked for ev­i­dence I was not able to give him at the time. Now I have some I con­sid­er con­vinc­ing, though he — and you — may not.

The first, The Pat­ter­son Film Sta­bi­lized, shows the film, well, sta­bi­lized. For some peo­ple, it seems this sta­bi­lized footage ap­par­ent­ly proves that it has to be a man in a suit.

The sec­ond, The Com­plete Patterson/​Gimlin—scroll down, shows the whole reel of film that was shot at the time, and Pat­ty — as she is known — doesn’t show up un­til 2:38 in­to the film. One thing I’ve no­ticed is that ap­par­ent­ly Pat­ter­son was tak­en by sur­prise, and you can see the footage jump­ing about un­til he got his act to­geth­er and got a clear­er pic­ture — at least a more fo­cused pic­ture. Now, if he had planned this, why was he sur­prised. And don’t tell me it was act­ing, nobody’s that good an ac­tor.

What the de­niers are telling me is that they won’t see the pos­si­bil­i­ty of a great ape in North Amer­i­ca. The claim is that the Bering Strait won’t al­low it. As far as that goes they’re right. But, they’re think­ing of the Bering Strait as it ex­ists to­day, there have been times when it didn’t.

Beringia ap­pears when the sea lev­el falls to the point where the Bering Strait dis­ap­pears to be re­placed by dry land. This has hap­pened at times in the past and ap­pears to be what the tyran­nosaurs in the Cre­ta­ceous and the equids much lat­er cross over to get from Asia to North Amer­i­ca in the for­mer case, and North Amer­i­ca to Asia in the lat­ter. More re­cent­ly one species of great ape crossed Beringia to get to North Amer­i­ca from Asia. To­day there are hun­dreds of mil­lions of them liv­ing in the Amer­i­c­as, one of whom is cur­rent­ly typ­ing up this post.

Where the big­foot is con­cerned as far as I can see the an­i­mal is de­scend­ed from the species Gi­gan­to­p­ithe­cus blacki. and so most close­ly re­lat­ed to the go­ril­la, chimp, bonobo, and us.

Of course, I must al­so con­cede that the big­foot re­sem­bles us too dang close­ly. We are both bipedal apes. The urge for some to see a big­foot as some­one wear­ing a suit is just too tempt­ing. But I see a prob­lem with that, the sub­ject is just too flu­id. Peo­ple in cos­tumes just don’t look that flu­id. When dressed we don’t look that flu­id. If it is a hoax it is far more like­ly as far as I’m con­cerned to be not a cos­tume, but make-up.

Fi­nal­ly, there is the mat­ter of Patty’s ex­tra­or­di­nary re­ac­tion to Pat­ter­son. What makes her re­ac­tion ex­tra­or­di­nary? That she had no re­ac­tion. At least not the kind of re­ac­tion you’d ex­pect from a hu­man be­ing filmed. To re­peat my­self, nobody’s that good an ac­tor.

To clar­i­fy you don’t see Pat­ty play­ing to the cam­era as you would ex­pect a per­son to. Far as I can see she has no idea what a film cam­era is or that she is be­ing filmed. I just don’t see a hu­man car­ry­ing off an act like this con­vinc­ing­ly.

I can ac­cept the ex­is­tence of big­foot be­cause I can see it as pos­si­ble, and since I can see it as pos­si­ble I can ac­cept the ev­i­dence pre­sent­ed in a num­ber of videos. That an­oth­er won’t says much about him.

What should be is not what is, and our ad­vances in sci­ence have shown this to be a fact. The Earth or­bits the Sun, you can’t go at the speed of light, and two great apes — hu­man and big­foot — live in North Amer­i­ca. That’s what the ev­i­dence tells me, and I ac­cept the ev­i­dence.

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Weekend Plans

If you’re at­tend­ing Comic Fest this week­end in San Diego I plan on be­ing at St Trek at 50 at 10 am, Imag­in­ing Mars at 1 pm, and The Sci­ence of Sci­ence Fic­tion at 3 pm, all in Palm B.

Oh heck, I’ll add two more; You Say You Want a Rev­o­lu­tion at 4 pm and When do We Get Our Fly­ing Cars? at 5 pm, al­so in Palm B. Looks like Sat­ur­day alone is go­ing to be worth my 50 bucks.

When I’m not at a pan­el I’ll most like­ly to be at the Comic Fest Café. This year the café is be­ing held in hon­or of artist and writer Jack Kir­by. You’re wel­come to talk about most any­thing you’d like, the on­ly thing I will ask of you as that you be nice.

If you have oth­er things to do, I hope they’re fun and/​or pro­duc­tive.

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Step 3

Our next step is to ac­knowl­edge and ac­cept the fact that our strug­gle won’t be a quick one. It took decades to get us to the cur­rent con­di­tions, it will take about as long to re­verse them. We need to pre­pare for a long fight.

Step 4

Which leads us to the 4th step, to or­ga­nize. Get every­body on the same page, get every­body com­mu­ni­cat­ing, to ig­nore no one no mat­ter how much we dis­agree with their po­si­tion. Which means dis­ci­pline, for no so­ci­ety can long sur­vive that is undis­ci­plined.

More to Come

That’s it for now, be­cause I need to do some think­ing.

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