I need a hearing aid, but since it’s only my left ear that is damaged the state of California says I don’t need a hearing aid.

I also need my own wifi hotspot in order to sign up with the people at Freedompop, plus a $20.00 signup free. I think that’s a total of $40.00. With reliable access to the Web I’d be able to contribute more, and more consistently.

Better housing with proper cooking facilities and a decent refrigerator—what I’ve got now is not meant for an actual apartment—would mean a better diet. Then there is the matter of my hearing, my autism, my teeth, and my apnea and at this moment in time I can’t really trust Washington or Sacramento.

For 25, 50, 100, or whatever amount a month you can help make life better for me, and make it easier for me to contribute to society myself.

And by the way, at the moment I have 7 cents in my pocket and 21 cents in checking and I could use a decent meal at a diner or cafe. $10 would cover that and give me the energy I need to produce.

In the long run I’m hoping for $3.000 a month, that way I’d get better housing, better medical care, and a better diet. And you, the donor, would get something from me. And even better, I may get off SSI—which could save you some money.

So donate what you can and know your effort is appreciated.

Oh, and I’m also planning on making monthly donations of $10.00 to Jake Richmond at Patreon. Jake draws and writes the online strips Modest Medusa and Ghost Kiss, both of whom are set in the same universe, and the two gals have met each other. If you’d rather donate to Jake directly be my guest. Jake is contributing to society in his own way and I’d like to see his efforts supported.

In any case support the creative, it keeps us busy and out of trouble.

Alan Kellogg  06/24/2017 3:30pm PDT


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