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  1. Un­usu­al cir­cum­stances don’t hap­pen with just DM’s plot­ting. Play­ers can throw a mon­key wrench in even the most care­ful­ly de­vised plans. They might find ways of by­pass­ing main parts of the dun­geon you had planned. They might try to out­smart the vil­lains by di­vid­ing and con­quer­ing. They might sneak in in­stead of killing every­thing in sight. They might de­vel­op new spells, equip­ment, or skills or use what they have in­ge­nious­ly. They might try to charm a drag­on (failed).. They might turn over the main baddy’s dead wife’s be­long­ings af­ter cap­tur­ing a strong­hold un­der a flag of truce (I did that. didn’t turn out quite how I planned). While dead they might vis­it the af­ter­life if and talk to the gods to get a spe­cial abil­i­ty (did that too).

    • I like your points. I’m in fa­vor of the play­ers hav­ing just this sort of con­tri­bu­tion to play, and do what I can to up­set ex­pec­ta­tions. I hate stereo­typ­ing and pre­judg­ing.

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