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Alan Kellogg said : administrator Report 12 months ago

I like your points. I'm in favor of the players having just this sort of contribution to play, and do what I can to upset expectations. I hate stereotyping and prejudging.

Jesse Cohoon said : Guest Report 12 months ago

Unusual circumstances don't happen with just DM's plotting. Players can throw a monkey wrench in even the most carefully devised plans. They might find ways of bypassing main parts of the dungeon you had planned. They might try to outsmart the villains by dividing and conquering. They might sneak in instead of killing everything in sight. They might develop new spells, equipment, or skills or use what they have ingeniously. They might try to charm a dragon (failed).. They might turn over the main baddy's dead wife's belongings after capturing a stronghold under a flag of truce (I did that. didn't turn out quite how I planned). While dead they might visit the afterlife if and talk to the gods to get a special ability (did that too).

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