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Infinite Adventures

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The Purpose of RPGs 2
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My Part 7
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What This is Infinite Adventures is a site about role playing guides. In this case a guide being a set of guidelines for taking on the role of a person living in an imaginary world

What An RPG is Not

A role playing guide can not be a game in any real sense. RPGs are just too involved, even complicated to ever qualify as a game. For that matter, no RPG can ever be a story, or involve story in the course of play. For playing in a role playing guide is about living a life. An imaginary life that is true, but life none the less. In that the events in an RPG session are occurring right at that moment means that they can not be considered stories, for that is not what stories are. The Purpose of RPGs

The Deep Secret

That's simple, to have fun. How you have fun; what you do while playing an RPG is up to you. Your Guide Master—GM—may give you hints and suggestions, but following them is entirely up to you. As a matter of fact, you have the right to look for things to do yourself, and your GM can damn well adapt to what you decide on.

Your Responsibility

That is simple, to be engaged. It is up to you to actually participate without making the Guide Master work hard to get your attention. You need to pay attention to what is going on without the GM having to ride herd on you. Even more importantly, to accept the fact you are not alone in this world, that there are others and sometimes they may need your assistance. And sometimes you may need theirs.

The Guide Master

Should you take on the role of the GM—Guide Master—you will also have responsibilities. The chief among them to keep your players engaged. That is, involved. For if they don't want to participate you may as well not run the session. But there will be times when your players will want to do something else instead of what you want them to. All you can do in that case is to adapt and to see if you can fit it some of what you want them to do, even if they don't like it. For life has a talent for contradicting your plans.

Your Roles

In addition,  you will need to take on those roles not taken by your players. The people they meet, their friends and adversaries, their hirelings.  For it is not just they who play a role, you will play many.


Certainly not least, as the GM you will need to prepare your setting for play. What is it like? Who and what lives there? What are their relations like? What is going on? Being a Guide Master is not exactly easy, but the work can lead to rewards.

My Part

What I do

I write, I opine, I give advice and ideas. Along with that I present material for the Mythus RPG, which uses the Dangerous Journeys system. There will be more on that with the next page, starting with DJ and continuing on.

Your Part

Is just to read. If you like what you see, then good. If you don't, then that is your choice. As Ricky Nelson once put it; you can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself.

So Welcome

I can't promise you life everything you see here, or agree with everything. All I can ask is  that you give me a fair hearing. Again I say welcome and I hope you return when you feel like it. Save Save Save
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