In Im­por­tant Mes­sage for the Big­foot Field the au­thor, Steve Sum­mar, claims that a num­ber of sasquatch have been killed by in­di­vid­u­als in Ok­la­homa and Tex­as. At one point he goes so far as to claim that a big­foot ac­tu­al­ly raised his arms in sur­ren­der, on­ly to be shot down.

So let’s say that big­foot are be­ing killed by hunters, then what the fuck are they do­ing with the bod­ies? Peo­ple are clam­or­ing for a sasquatch corpse. Joe Six­pack shows up at an emer­gen­cy room or doctor’s of­fice with an 8′ long hu­manoid corpse he’s just paid off his debts and bought him­self a new house. No corpse, no proof.

Then there’s the mat­ter of one rais­ing his arms in sur­ren­der. Where the fuck did he learn to do that? Fuck, where the fuck did he learn what a firearm is? Peo­ple like Steve Sum­mar are ass­holes who think their au­di­ence is made up of fools.

Folks, we need to re­pu­di­ate fools such as Steve Sum­mar and get them thor­ough­ly dis­cred­it­ed. We can no longer al­low the de­niers to use such id­iots to sup­port their own stu­pid­i­ty.

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