Sleep­ing sasquatch?

Ap­par­ent­ly, a young big­foot went to sleep right in front of a cam­era, and all they got was the footage you see be­low. Hairy, isn’t he? You’ll note that the an­i­mal does not have the hair of a bear, or even a bison or wapi­ti. It might even be pri­mate hair.

The fact that it is fluffy tells me that the sub­ject is cold-adapt­ed, which is what you’d ex­pect­ed out of a crea­ture liv­ing in the cold north​.It al­so doesn’t look like the fur of any an­i­mal I’ve ever seen be­fore, at least not some­thing liv­ing in the wild.

Six breaths a min­ute is al­so a damn slow breath­ing rate. I was on­ce mea­sured at 14 breaths a min­ute, and the doc­tor do­ing the ob­ser­va­tion said that that was slow. 

In any case, if it is a man in some sort of cos­tume why the ap­pear­ance? Why the slow rate of breath­ing? Why was the footage shot at that lo­ca­tion and un­der such con­di­tions? For that mat­ter, who made the suit, what was the suit made of, where was it made, and who helped make it. Man in a suit? Where’s the ev­i­dence?

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