Not What I See

Monopoles on Discover Magazine

The article I linked to above has one huge problem, it doesn’t fit what I now of reality. As far as I can see those who insist on monopoles as they envision them have no real understanding of how existence works. Or that what the atomic theory says about matter.

If you haven’t heard, we have monopoles. Out atoms are made up of two sub-atomic particles, protons which have a positive charge, and electrons which have a negative charge. If we had matter made up entirely of protons or electrons, then we’d have monopoles. But we don’t, so we don’t. But some parties keep insisting we have to have monopoles, and in their understanding they really have no understanding.

Now I expect there are some of you who could come up with a mathematical proof, but such proof relies a lot on need. The need to have things as we want them to be instead of how they are. At present there is a detector at the LHC looking for monopoles, if “looking” is the word you’re looking for. But based on what I understand of reality, they’re not going to find any. Why? because there are none to be found. Not as what most people think of as matter, for matter is not entirely what they may wish it to be.

Matter is made up of atoms arranged together into molecules. Each atom is in effect a dipole, with protons providing the positive charge while electrons provide the negative. That’s how it works, and as long as it works that way you are never going to have monopoles above the sub-atomic level.

Fairly soon, I should hope, a line of investigation will be abandoned and we’ll start looking at more profitable avenues. The magical monopole will be accepted as a fraud and we’ll have real work to do.

Another Opinion

I’m now on the Landmark Program from Care First and had my first visit from a nurse practitioner. We talked, I filled out paperwork, and she had a listen to my heart. Her assessment was, “It’s irregular.’ For most folks the irregularity is colonic. For me it’s cardiac.

I’m on the program because Care 1st wants to save money. In effect when a matter is urgent I see the Landmark folks first so they can see how bad it is.  They’ll also be acting as liaison between my other providers so  things should go more smoothly  from now on.

And all because my case is complicated.

And your case?

May Not Survive

It’s going to be busy today. First I see my doctor, then I go to check on housing, and then I see my NP for the first time.

The big chore will be to see about getting an appointment with my cardiologist to get his word on my going through kidney surgery. Afib and surgery don’t seem to get along for some reason.

And I had a heart attack a few weeks ago. Took me by surprise it did.

I’m in emergency because of blood in my urine and I get told, “You’re going upstairs.” About a week after the discharge I learn I had a heart attack. Sometimes they can be sneaky.

So now I may have surgery coming up, and my urologist, Dr. Pe, wants to be sure my heart will tolerate it.  Hyperthyroidism has a lot to answer for.