In Contrast


Now Zedity


Zedity – which is what I used for this post – does appear to do the same thing Gutenberg does, only a lot more capably. All that really needs to be done is for WordPress to find a way to integrate the classical editor. Or integrate how Zedity handles matters into the original editor.


Overall I’d have to say that Zedity is a much more pleasant working environment.


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A Tryout

And How Is This an Improvement

Thought I’d give Gutenberg a try again, and again I can only conclude that Mullenweg’s Mafia have taken things just a tad too far.

What used to be done simply and efficiently is now scattered hither and yon in all sorts of different places, and asking for entirely too many steps to accomplish. To be honest with you, I expect there to be a huge backlash come WP 5, and plugins such as the Classic Editor will get downloaded enmass.

What we’re going to see is another “New Coke”, an event where people Mullenweg and friends thought would love their new toy, only to find people heading to alternatives they actually find useful.

Disappointment is Coming

And expect a number of plugins for Gutenberg and a number of blocks to disappear, in as much as they are just irrelevant. The old editor will be back, or else something like it, and work will be done to allow bloggers to add things such as the all in one image/text block without all the foo-for-all Gutenberg requires.

You want to change the world, keep it small and let your successors carry on after you.

Now aint
this redundant?

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Sweeping data privacy bill approved in California

First it was Europe, now California has enacted a law requiring that folks be told of what people on line are collecting in the way of information. Means that a number of WordPress plugins are going to get updated, and pretty damn soon.

We just don’t like people knowing stuff about us we rather they didn’t know. We like our privacy, and we don’t like people taking advantage of us based on what we’d rather keep private. Expect more states to enact such privacy laws as California and Europe have done. We may even see a Federal law. And expect certain parties to concoct some interesting interpretations to justify their unlawful use of your data.

California, once more emphasizing her liberality.

…A sweeping California data privacy bill has cleared its first major hurdle in the Legislature.

Source: Sweeping data privacy bill approved in California

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At Base

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Existence

Since the previous version has up and disappeared I’m doing the post again.

What it comes down to is that in our existence existence has two dimensions, existence and duration. Or as you most likely know them, space and time. With space having the appearance of three dimensions; height, width, and depth.

The thing to note about space is that it can neither be created or destroyed, just changed from one state into another. The two states of space are compressed and uncompressed, and at the present moment space in partially compressed and partially uncompressed. There’s more to be said about this, but that can come later.

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