Keeping it Simple

You know, when using Gutenberg to type up a post it’s really very simple when you keep it simple. That said, there are times when you do want to play around a bit, but with the way Gutenberg is set up getting fancy is just too damn difficult to my way of thinking.

I Mean

It would be nice if we could use the classical editor, without having to plant a damn block in. Hell, why not just provide the old editor and add new blocks to it. I mean, they had to fuss their heads off? The Mullenweg Mafia had to screw with things just because TinyMCE screwed up blocks originally?

And what do we need with header blocks when we’ve already got the classic editor?

And do they need to make life hard by insisting on HTML based columns when CSS columns do the job so much better.?

The Singularity can’t come soon enough.

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