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First, be sure you listen to the whole thing. He does go into some detail, and it really is a subject you need to take in and think about..

The main focus, as far as I can tell, is that there are two main elements to RPGs. One has to do with the guide’s sub-creation; with his adaptation of his world as best to present an imaginary version to his players.

The other has to do with how his players handle his presentation, which can have a lot to do with what they know of the guide, how he see things, how they see things, and how they are able to handle matters.

Ron does talk in some part about story, and as far as I can tell he does see them as being story. I don’t agree. I understand story as being an account of what has happened (my emphasis), whether the account be factual or fictional. In contrast what occurs during play is what is occurring. It doesn’t have to actually be occurring in all reality, it just needs to be taken as real in your imagination.

And then there is the matter of narration, which can include a witness relating what he sees as happening, as it happens. What you can call “description.”

Be sure to read the comments below the video, but do so after you’ve seen the video. This is the sort of things you’ll need some background on.

Thank you for your time, and feel free to leave a comment or observation.

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