At Heart

So I decided to do a little philosophizing here. Which is in answer to this question; what do you do in an role playing guide?

That’s really very simple; while playing the role of another you have adventures. How do you do that is up to you and the guide you employ. How the guide does this depends on how the guide is designed to do this. And how that is done pretty much depends on how the designer wants matters to be handled. In times of crisis the sequence of events can be confusing. So I design determining the sequence of events in a crisis to be confusing. But learning becomes simpler as you get used to how you do it.

So what it comes down to is, how you do things has an impact on how you approach doing them. It has an approach on the feel of play. My approach in making fighting a hard matter to handle is to get you to try other ways of handling conflict. My purpose in making it hard to create your Persona in DJ is to discourage you from using violence to solve a problem without thinking about it.

And there we’ll be pausing for awhile because I’ve got an essay to compose. That’ll take awhile, but while I’m composing think about this: How would you handle crossing a street in the face of heavy traffic?

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