She’s Back!

She first afflicted my life back in the 1980s, back when STAR San Diego held sway at State, Mad Magazine was gleefully rotten to the world, and the San Diego Comicon was just another convention instead of the bloated lump it is today. Her name is Emily Brontesaurus, and she…

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Your Understanding?

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series RPGs

 Introduction What I present here is my understanding of RPGs, what most of you know of as Role Playing games, though I prefer to refer to them as Role Playing Guides. My reasons are simple and straight forward, for what I see is not what so many of you say…

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First to Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello I am a white male some 64 years of age living at present in the East Village of San Diego CA. I am autistic with attendant major depression, and as far as I know I am part Neandertal with behavioral Neandertal traits. At 6’3 and 280 pounds weight at…

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