First to Let Me Introduce Myself


I am a white male some 64 years of age living at present in the East Village of San Diego CA. I am autistic with attendant major depression, and as far as I know I am part Neandertal with behavioral Neandertal traits.

At 6’3 and 280 pounds weight at present I am large. I survive on SSI and food donations, and today I’ll be seeing a woman who’ll see about getting my room cleaned up. What you can see in the picture is my room. Through the window you can see a courtyard three stories below, but the last I checked nobody was using it.

I have my own way of understanding things, which starts with the premise “look and accept”. For I don’t always see things they way you may, for I see no reason to. My experience has taught me to actually look, and to listen to what I see—I know, just think about it for awhile.

I am posting this to give you some idea of just who you’re dealing with. I won’t insist that you agree with me on what I’ll be saying later, only that you give it due consideration and that you be willing to accept the possibility I just might be right.

And while I have your attention I will now take the opportunity for donations. For I could use some extra clothes and cleaning material and storage material. When you get 910 a month and your rent is 670 help is helpful.

That’s me—at least for this posting, and I’ve got a post describing my understanding of what you may know as role playing games coming up. It may take awhile and all I can really do is ask your patience and forbearance. You don’t after to agree with my understanding, but i will ask that you accept that I may have a valid position.

I hope that you’re all having a good day, and that you can take advantage of any opportunity you may have to stay hydrated and cool

Alan Kellogg at 7:36:52 AM PM Pacific Daily Savings on 07/24/2018


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