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What I present here is my understanding of RPGs, what most of you know of as Role Playing games, though I prefer to refer to them as Role Playing Guides. My reasons are simple and straight forward, for what I see is not what so many of you say they see. Or, rather, would prefer to see.

 What is a Game?

As I understand it a game is an organized activity of limited scope in which either a party works  against a system to achieve a goal, a two or more parties work against each other to achieve a goal.

Note first that games are limited in scope. Limited in what can happen and in where it can happen. You get right down to it, there really isn’t all that much to chess. Sixty four squares, 16 pieces on each side, and each piece really can’t do all that much when you get right down to it.

The playing field in an RPG is much greater, and the pieces involved can do, and are called upon to do, so much more. To be honest with you, you really can’t balance an RPG, for there is simply just too much going on. Something about complicating works and stopping up plumbing, at least according to a senior engineer at Star Fleet.

And Goals?

And note as well that games as a whole tend to have a goal for the player or players to achieve. They have victory conditions.

Some RPGs will, but they don’t have to. You get right down to it, the reason for playing an RPG is to play a role. While playing your role you may be called upon to achieve a goal, but you don’t really have to.

Getting Right Down to It

Getting right down to it we like having things to do. We hate getting bored, especially when young, and we like the sense of accomplishment. A game gives you something to do. An RPG not so much.

And in the End

It comes to an end. With the exception of something like Monopoly, so that’s really a parody of an economic game as far as I can see.

RPGs don’t. Not really. You reach one conclusion then you go on to the next goal.In that they remind me of life, but we can get to that later in our series.

Up Next

We’ll have a look at how RPGs can’t be stories even when they include elements of story.


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