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As I’m lying in bed kind of restless it struck me. A number of things really, but the main one was the presence of the American Jaguar in the United States. Now the last I’ve heard is that there are jaguars living in the state of Texas, having immigrated there from Northern Mexico. There may even be jaguars in New Mexico and Louisiana as far as we know, Which means that our country is home to two species of big cat. This got me to thinking.

From what I can see life is an adaptable beast. Assuming it can adapt. As far as I can see there is really no reason why an animal such as the jaguar couldn’t adapt to conditions outside of southern Texas. In fact I would think that the situation in the Gulf States would suite them just fine, and Florida would be prime territory.

So the question arose in my head, have jaguars been spotted outside of Texas. Have there been any sightings in Louisiana and Arkansas and further up the Mississippi Valley? What about the states of Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia? How about further up in the Eastern Woodlands or along the Atlantic Coast?

Could the Jaguar have become a major American predator?

Don’t laugh, life is adaptable, and we have a habit of ignoring what we find inconvenient or what we’d much rather not think about. Just remember that sometimes the kids do get into the top shelf in the closet.

So I thought I’d ask, have you heard of any reports of jaguars in the Carolinas, Virginia or even Missouri? Have hunting sites been found in Kansas or denning sites in Nebraska?

Keep in mind that, as says the old saying goes, the range of any large animal almost exactly corresponds to the movements of the last grad student to study it. Have you heard anything?

Thank you for your time, I think of anything more to write about I’ll post again.

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