An Experiment

An Example of Text Columns using the Code Macher CSS Columns Plugin

And I’ll Tell You Why

Because it makes the text easier to read. And it works even on a computer monitor.

Now there are times when you really only need one column, but really only when the line is fairly short. Unless you’re using a small monitor the lines of text you’ll get with broad columns will give you serious eye strain. Don’t know about you, but with my myopia, astigmatism, and age I don’t need the damn strain and I don’t want to inflict it on any one.

As for doing it the hard way. I say stuff it. If there’s an easy way I’m using the easy way, and all you flowers can dry up and wilt.

Or are your arms broken?


Then you have no excuse for not using text columns in your post.

Or—Just Thought of This


When the text field is above a certain width the text is automatically put into columns. Each column is set at a certain optimum width, so that if the field is wide enough you may have as many as three of four of them.

If you don’t want your text in columns, then you would be able to set it so it isn’t. But this would have to be done for each entry you make.


Because I’m mean and I want you to suffer. 


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