Bilbo was Nuts

Had an adventure on Monday. The adventure consisted of trips on bus and trolley with walks on a bad knee and overheated and—I think—dehydrated self to secure a medical treasure of sorts.

You see, next Monday—the 6th of August—I get to go back to the lab with a gallon jug as full as I can make it of my piss. Now I rather doubt I can fill it up with a day’s worth of pea, but I suspect there are those who can.

Then on the 13th I get a sonograph taken of my kidneys. Which will likely mean more prescriptions.May even have to have my kidneys flushed.

And to top it all, I have my heart to get checked out.

Though I do suspect that I do need more liquid, and that means more sports drink or ade. And mean the money to but it with, so tips would be nice.

And given as I’m still a bit worn out, once this is posted I’m going back to bed.

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