The Extraordinary Ordinary

Say What?

The worst thing about being smart is that you think. You think a lot and this keeps you awake when you could be asleep,

The Nefarious PlanAt present I’m a member of the Dangerous Journeys group on FaceBook, and fellow member Ed Anderson  is working on a set of mechanics for creating ordinary people in the guides. People that is who have really nothing extraordinary about them.

Mundanity: In mechanical terms I’m thinking of stats ranging from a value of between 5 and 15—2d6+3. Which means a base chance of between 5 and 15% in using a skill with no substantial training. You get right down to it, that’s us 

Then I got to thinking about the essential difference between Star Trek and Star Wars.

The Pernicious Lie of George Lucus: I’ll be mean here, George Lucus is a fraud. Star Wars is a lie.

To do anything in the original trilogy you have to bee extraordinary. You have to be special. Don’t know about you but one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard is, “There is no try…”

Bull shit. If you didn’t try you would never do. Skywalker could always get his XWing out of the muck and mire, all he need to do was to call. With their equipment his crew gets the craft out of the swamp and the adventure continues.

But the Magic!

I say fuck the magic. It aint Luke’s job to make your head spin, it’s his job to make Palpatine bite the big one. You don’t need magic for that, all you really need is a clear head on your shoulders, a good crew backing you up, and an understanding of what you’re doing. I suspect that without all the mystical folderol the mess could have been dealt with in four one hour episodes of the first season.

In Contrast

In contrast you have Star Trek, ordinary Joes doing ordinary things. Yes, some of them do have extraordinary abilities, but their ability to function doesn’t depend on them nor are they the answer to all the world’s problems. A mind meld helps, it aint the solution.

Kirk is extraordinary. He has to be to be selected for Star Fleet, but if he couldn’t be trained he still be worthless. The captain can be trained, he can be educated. The man doesn’t need Fozzy with the mange sputtering like a giant carbonated soda.

As far as I can see it means that the Star Trek universe is far superior, for it has by far the greater potential. Star Wars presents a fascist mythology, Star Trek an American one, and it is the American myths I find the more encouraging. 

There is no try? That is a load of shit, for if you did not try you would not do.

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