The Background

My troubles all begin when I was staying at The Bridge at 16th and Newton here in San Diego. I was ill and needed to sit down. The staff at The Bridge didn’t believe I was ill, and ended up throwing me out. A few days later I was at Paradise Valley Hospital in National City suffering from afib and a few other conditions. In the meantime I had lost the modem I had gotten from AT&T.

I could’ve asked for medical help at the Bridge, I didn’t. They could’ve asked if maybe there was something wrong with me, they didn’t. In as much as they held responsibility for my health and well being while I stayed at their facility, their actions and behaviors in my mind border on the criminal. But I haven’t the resources to bring charges against those responsible.

Now I have to make sure AT&T knows our agreement is terminated, and raise the money I’ll need to pay rent. Thus this plea.

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