Yep, I’m in Trouble

Found out who the problem is, which means I get to make sure my account with AT&T is closed so they won’t go digging into my bank account.

It also means that what with bank fees and all I’m going to be overdrawn by some $500 dollars, and that means I won’t be able to afford rent. And me just a few months from getting an apartment for something like $300 a month in rent instead of the $670 I pay now.

I’m 64. I have an irregular heart beat. I cost more on the street then I do with my own apartment, but to have an apartment—or even room—I need help with the money at the moment. That’s where you come in. One donation at $500 would do the trick. More at smaller amounts would do as well, but maybe I’ll get lucky. So donate what you can and keep an older fellow off the street.

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