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Soon, I do hope, my iMac will be arriving at my door. The bad news is, until it does arrive I’ll be stuck using this piece of crap. I’ve got news for some people, your equipment don’t need to be so dang sensitive.

I’ll just bet that there’s a circle of Hell just for those who accept bad advice, and in it the inhabitants are perpetually in the dark.


I honestly and truly could use a donation of $20.00 US. This will insure I do have the money for a refurbished Mac. Thank you.

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The Duchy d’Falcondonia


The Duchy of Falcondonia in Vargaaard on Ærth was established in 125> (Before Atlantl’s Fall, our 875AD) by the court of Charlemagne at the site of a Basque fishing village at the mouth of the Riviere d’Lenape (our Delaware River). For the most part the colonists were from what is now Provence in modern France, with the Atlantl Lenape providing the bulk of the native population. Relations with the natives was good to begin with, and soon the two populations had largely integrated, with Lenape notables providing additional aristocracy and nobility to supplement what the Franks provided. In a few generations contact was made with towns and villages further inland, and it was not long before what is now Eastern Falcondonia had been organized under Frankish rule.

The Lenape and other nations had long ago adopted what was then Frankish culture, and had even gone so far as to integrate Greco-Roman deities into their beliefs. It wasn’t long until the Frankish colonists had embraced the various native spirits and minor deities into their worship and incorporated local rituals and rites. Indeed, stories and myths of Jupiter’s involvement of the creation of the Lenape and Massachusets quickly appeared, and Mercury and Raven were soon gallivanting about pulling tricks, delivering messages, and riling up the weather with their athletic fornication.

Enter the Mohawk

At this time the Mohawk were an independent nation not yet part of the Haunosanee. An aggressive bunch, the Skraeling greatly resent the presence of the Franks in what they considered their territory, and soon the tribe and the new Frankish county were at odds, with both sides taking part in atrocities and crimes. Lenape/Mohawk relations before the founding of Falcondonia didn’t help matters any either. At one point there was talking of Charlemagne himself coming to Vargaard to lead an expedition to crush and extirpate the Mohawk, but dealing with a Saxon rebellion in the eastern part of the Frankish empire made that impossible.

The Æropan Lenape

About a generation after the Franks arrived to establish Falcondonia (c95>) the Atlantl Lenape and allied tribes and clans had decided to join other Lenape ex-patriots already living in the Frankish Empire, most especially in the Loire Valley and the Vosges, where they have pretty much integrated into the local population. In fact their appearance is now large that of the western White, though they are noted for distinctive “Skraeling” traits. In fact they are renown for the quality of their cattle and horses, while the Falcondonian Kentuck are famed for their zebromegas, raised on Kentuck bluegrass.

So There You Have it

That is a brief look at the Falcondonia of Ærth’s Vargaard. Soon, I hope, I’ll be presenting a look at the early relations between Falcondonia and the early Haunosanee.

I Could Afford This

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Aerth is not Earth

That is one thing you do need to be aware of, the world of Ærth is not our Earth. It has a different history, it has a different structure. Heck, to some extent it has a different physics which allows for things we can’t have. And one important difference lies in just how long the New and Old Worlds have been in contact.

In our case contact between the two worlds goes back some 1,000 years, to the arrival of the Norse in what is now Canada. On Ærth it happened about 5,000 BAF (Before Atlantl’s Fall), our 4,000 BC. People have just had a longer time to get used to the idea, and to move around from world to world more often and with greater facility.

Falcondonia in Vargaard for example started off as a Frankish colony around  125 BAF (our 875 AD), around the time of Charlemagne. At present she is a French duchy, though she amounts to a grand duchy and is in negotiations for independence and the status of monarchy. Which means that Pequot and Massachusetts nobility are part of the Parisian court, with the royal family having Wyandot relatives.

As a result the various populations are more mixed than they are here, and that the Skraelings (as they’ve chosen to call themselves) actually have a greater population and greater power. 

Recently Iroukia took in British and Tuatha immigrants with the decision of the French government to expel those populations then living in Falcondonia. In fact, the Tuatha are now one of the nine lodges of the Haudosanee, and the British are petitioning to become the 10th. As you can see, it’s not your Earth.

So keep this in mind as I write more on Ærth.



Source: Iroquois – Wikipedia

The people we call the Iroquis are known on Aerth as here on Earth as the Haudenosaunee. On Aerth they are made up of some 9 nations, incorporating the Shawnee, The Tobaccoo, and the Tuatha of Eire (recent migrants from Hibernia). “Iroquis” is a French word of dubious origin. With “Iroukia” being adopted as a name for the federation as a way for the Haudenosanee to poke fun at the French. Much the same rationale as the adoption of the Norse “skraeling” as the Vargaardians name for themselves as a whole.

Government is by council, starting with village councils and working on up to tribe, nation, and federation. The chief nation among them are the Seneca (Onondaga as near as I can tell) who were among the first members of the federation. Corrections are welcome.)

Iroukia is a strong state, on good terms with Cherokia to the south-east, and hostile relations with Falcondonia to the east. There are reports of skirmishes with the Dakota to the west and the Cree to the north, but those have yet to be confirmed.

Iroukia also has a sizable Eire and Brython minority, owing to the French expulsion of those peoples from Falcondonia some centuries before. In particular the Tuatha de Danaan of Vargaard are now a member nation of the Haudenosaunee. The Mohawk, another lodge, take great glee in referring to the Tuatha as their “Token Whites”.

Next up a post on Falcondonia, after a bit of research.

In My Life


For today that is I have run into a couple of problems. First apparently somebody couldn’t be bothered to note that I am on Medicaid, which is known as Medical here in California. So I’m being sued for not paying for paramedic treatment.

Then there’s the party who’ve decided they can charge me for a service I never signed up for, and that has my bank concerned and they’re investigating. But since my card is now defunct it means I can’t access my money, even if I did get donations.

Finally, a party just can’t deliver a package to me. I just hope they get the hint and give up.


SSI recipients in CA can now get food stamps (Calfresh in CA). That’s another $190 a month, which means I’ll have more money for things like a Macintosh, which I could really use.

In Any Case

I hope you know of somebody locally who can help here.

On the Egypt

I think that the word “Egypt” comes from the Classical Greek for “Black Land”. The people themselves called themselves the Qm, from which we get the Hebrew “Khem”, as in the “Khemites” or the people of Khem. What the Qm called themselves I don’t know.

Note that “Black Land” refers to the color of the soil, a rich black or dark brown from the sediments left after the floods. The Qm themselves were a white people by and large, with the important ones given a reddish hue in their art. In Mythus Gary decided to make them a red skinned people, though of a different shade from the Atlanteans and the Vargaardians/Amazonians. Just though I’d mention it.


Over in the DJ group on FB we’re currently having a look at Ægyptian mythology. Well, Egyptian mythology actually, but it amounts to the same thing. At present Ed Anderson and Alex Nuta are talking about their sources, and about the sources Gary Gygax used. I think Ed has mentioned something like 5 different mythologies, of which two are his own. Which reminded me of Hindic Mythology, where all those gods are found in different pantheons and are involved in different myths. If you think Star Trek continuity is a pain, try Egyptian.

Now picture a bevy of hawk headed figures looking down on an Egyptian, with one asking, “We’re all named “Horus”, could you specify?”

So Ed and Alex are working on source books on Ægyptian myth, would you be interested?

Just keep in mind that we’re talking about life here, and life is going to be confusing.

A Request

I’ve lost my phone. It may be in my room, it may be somewhere else, but I can’t find it. I need someone to call me so if it is here it will ring and that will help me locate it. The number is <619-394-7924. I need the phone to take care of a few things. Thanks for your time.

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