The Words you Use

In most RPGs violent interaction is known as “combat” Which is what it is when you get right down to it, but a term such as “combat” is most often associated with what are known as wargames, or with the family of formalized conflicts most often associated with war.

There is an alternative. The word here is “fighting”. It’s basically the same thing as “combat”, but has different connotations from “combat.” Both combat and fighting basically mean the same thing, a violent struggle between two or more parties, but fighting is really understood to mean a violent struggle between two parties on an informal basis.

For this reason I have decided to refer to violent struggle in an Adventure Guide as fighting. Since that is what the participants are essentially doing, fighting. It’s my way of telling those playing that they are not involved in a wargame. Rather, what they are involved in is an adventure occurring in an imaginary setting while playing imaginary people.

Also be aware that while combat can occur between groups of people, fights happen between individuals. You could have a single combat involving units of thousands, but when fights are involving you are going to get thousands of fights. That can take a while. My advice here is to focus on a few people, as is what most often happens in life. Just remember that adventures involve individuals, not mobs.

So remember that an adventure guide cannot be a game, for ADs are meant for and written for individuals.

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