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Standard DJ as an attribute known as “Attractiveness”, essentially a measure of just how appealing a Persona is to others. It also has measures such as “Inner Beauty” and “Inner Ugliness”, but I’ve decided that just muddles up matters. So I’ve decided to divide Attractiveness into three Attributes; Appearance, Personality, and Attractiveness.

The Attributes

Appearance: This is what the Persona looks like, ranging from a minimum of 1 (rather grotesque) to 25 (stunning beauty) for humans. A human Persona rolls 2d6+3 for an average of 10

Personality: What the Persona is like in terms of behavior and how he treats others. For a human it can range from 1 (intolerably disagreeable) to 25 (remarkably pleasant). If you like a player may roll 2d6+3 for a basic idea, but keep in mind that in actual play the value will rise or fall depending on the player’s behavior.

Attractiveness: Here we have a measure of just how attractive a Persona is. It is the average of Appearance and Personality and can range from 1 (avoid if you value your life) to 25 (worship and adore) for a human.

Other species will have different limits. In Mythus for example dwarfs and phæ are mostly limited to a maximum Personality of 15, though for different reasons. While in The Abyss the uplifted Sasquatch has a maximum appearance of 12.

End Note

So that’s me having fun with a mechanic.0 Nobody?

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