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Zhoie Perez, a YouTube personality known by the online handle Furry Potato, filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the security guard who shot her outside of a West L.A. synagogue last month.

Source: Guard won’t be charged in shooting of YouTube activist ‘Furry Potato.’ She’s suing him – The San Diego Union-Tribune

What it comes down to is, the LA district attorney betrayed the law and justice. What the guard did in my opinion is a crime and needs to be prosecuted as such.

I have to ask, who put pressure on the DA, and did any “considerations” play a role? Being really nasty, were any bribes tendered to get the prosecution squashed?

You don’t shot people without cause. The guard had no cause. Looking like you might do something is not a reason to shoot, you have to wait until the subject actually does something.

The victim wore dark clothes and had a backpack on. Is it now open season on school bound goths? And what about Perez’s right to tape in public. Given that she’s apparently a transexual the Feds may have grounds for a civil rights charge against the guard in question.

And speaking of him, how can we trust him to act appropriately and responsibly in such a situation? Sounds to me like the Synagogue in question has grounds to terminate his employment. He overreacted, he caused injury to a human being, and from the sound of it his shitty aim placed others in danger. Being a security guard requires some measure of maturity, this character acted like a brat.

The decision to drop charges against the guard needs to be reversed. The LA DA needs to either resign or be forced out of office. We need to start holding certain parties responsible for their behavior.0 Nobody?

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