A Consequence

Speaking of the Mythus Cosmology, it has occurred to me that one could look at the traditional 2d representation as being of the vertical, with a second schema showing the horizontal. And just to be different, instead of using the old 360° rose, I’ll be using the 400° rose from Star Fleet and the US Navy.

In addition, the horizontal plane will use the Egyptian compass, where North was going up the Nile, and South down it. Which means that when you’re facing North, West will be to your right and East to your left. 

Now with a Cosmos like Ærth’s you can do something you can’t with ours. In short, cheat. Because we can’t see our universe from the outside we can’t really tell where we are. With Ærth’s we can, and we can decide which is the vertical plane and which the horizontal. For my purposes I’m going to say that the location of Ærth’s galaxy is 394° vertically by 62° north by 376°. That should give you a picture of what it looks like.

I think that makes sense.

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