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Being Disappointed

We have a talent for misinterpreting things. Very often it’s because we want things to be a certain way. Such as with the purported non-existence of Bigfoot. One subject where we have this need to misinterpret is in the area of post modernism, which we take to an unseemly extreme.

At the core post modernism tells us that we can’t really know anything absolutely. You get right down to it, there’s always the possibility that we are wrong. But that does not mean that everything we expound is of equal value. The theory of evolution works better than intelligent design thanks to the available evidence. Forensics works better than eyewitness testimony, because forensics consists of the inanimate, which has no ego to warp observation.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t come close. Neither does it mean that just anything will work, for somethings do work better than others.You can’t, for example, fly a lead airplane. Lead is just too damn dense. Neither can you shape reality through your desire without the use of physical tools. The mechanism just isn’t there.

We are limited in what we can know, and in how accurate that knowledge can be. But we can still know to a fair amount of accuracy, so long as we accept our limitations. You get right down to it, everything we know is a guess, and some guesses aint worth a rotting wooden nickel. But we can test our guesses, prove or disprove them, and should they be disproved trash the mistake and try something else. There is no sin in being wrong, only in refusing to accept that you are wrong. And it is through correcting our mistakes whenever we spot them that we make progress.

Our world is as it is and all your blathering aint changing a thing.

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