‘Bout Time

The training is part of countywide effort to transform how the justice system responds to those with mental illness

Source: County to fund de-escalation, mental health crisis training for officers – The San Diego Union-Tribune

This is really nothing new, San Diego has long had what is know as the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT), but they are not always available, and are often overwhelmed. What our DA is proposing sounds to me like the city will be applying the training given to those on the PERT team to all officers, and even when medical personnel aren’t available at least the cops will know who to call when faced with a mental health crisis.

Of course it means spending money, but better I say to spend a little on prevention to a lot on cleaning up after a death or major injury.

So a thumb’s up to DA Summer Stephens and I hope this means a safer world for those in crisis and the officers called on to handle them.

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