When Greed is a Cardinal Sin.

Insulin is the difference between life and death for people with type-1 Diabetes. They say they are tired of watching the cost of the drug continue to increase in the United States.

Source: When diabetics can’t afford insulin, they turn to the black market. This Michigan woman helps them do it

There are various reasons why some people have type one diabetes. For the most part it’s because they just can’t produce insulin themselves, so they need to inject it. And seeing as they need to remember when to do it, and they need to do it in unusual amounts, leads to complications.

And after considering the problems the diabetic has keeping track of all he has to, now start considering what he needs to pay for the insulin, the syringes, and the tools he needs to keep track of. Andfor  we make matters worse when we treat insulin as a luxury item.

That’s what it comes down to. There are parties who apparently think that all persons with type one are fabulously wealthy and can afford outrageous prices for what they need to survive. Or, if they can’t afford it, deserve to die. I have to ask, when did becoming insulin dependent become a death penalty offense? I say we stop the shit and make insulin free to all who need it. I mean, corpses can’t contribute to society, at least not for very long. Call it an investment in people, and give those who manufacture and distribute insulin a break on their taxes. For every ounce of insulin donated to the diabetic community the donor gets a tax reduction and positive feedback. A special discount on necessary items maybe.

There is a reason why greed is considered a deadly sin, and I say it’s about time we cut it out.

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