For Today

For my brigade of fans the news today is that I’m doing well considering, but things do need to get straightened out.

My pharmacist needs to talk with my primary care doctor. I’m also supposed to see a pulmonologist in addition to a vein specialist, a psychiatrist, and a urologist. I should be seeing my PCD on June 18th, I hope.

Other than that I need to sleep better and eat better. And I need to get in touch with the people who provided me with my cpap. The pulmonary specialist is a part of all that. What you’re seeing here is an example of an ounce of prevention being cheaper than a pound of cure. But we tend to be pound wise and penny foolish, so we end up in massive debt.

OTOH, my hips and knees aren’t really bothering me right now, so that’s good news. In any case I’m now off to see how many subscribers I now have.

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