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In the DJ group on FaceBook member Ed Anderson is providing us with information on his Ægyptian campaign. A lot of information as a matter of fact. At the same time we’re also talking about the Shamash of Ærth, a people who are sort of an equivalent to our Jews, though they really are not.

So I’ve decided to provide a history of the Shamash and how events in their past made them different from the people that we know.

The Ljil Mörön

The oldest name for the river that I can find would appear to be “Ljil Mörön”, where it came from I do not know.

The river ends at the Volga Delta, which gives out at the Northwest corner of the Caspian sea. On Ærth the Caspian is a body of water some unknown area in size, unknown because I can’t find the information on the Internet.

The People

In any case it would appear that on Earth and Ærth there were people living in the Volga Delta, among whom were a people who for some reason decided that they could find a better life somewhere else. So sometime around 11,000>, and with the urging of their immediate neighbors, they migrated to the lands west of the delta, a region I can find no information of on the Web. In any case it would appear that they found the life didn’t suit them here so they moved on. As near as I can tell they kept migrating, moving south into and through the Caucasus until they reach the Halys River in what we know of as Central Anatolia. By then they were part of a people we know of as the Hatti, a Circassian speaking people as far as I know, who settled in the northern part of the Halys establishing the city of Hattusha around year 10,000>. The coming of the ancient Hittites and their conquest of Hattusha, which lead to certain Hatti clans fleeing south, will be in the next in this series.

I Could Use This

My heart is bad and my knees and hips hurt, I could use a walker to get around with, but I don’t really have the money. My wishlist is here, and what I’m really hoping for is the walker. Make it possible for me to get outside and get some sunlight.

Just Too Much

I’m having a crisis. At the moment I’m getting the news some necessary matters are not being dealt with, and that thanks to one party I don’t appear to qualify for a program I do need in order to function.

That party is my doctor, my primary care physician. The first problem I see him having is his unwillingness to understand and appreciate the problems afib presents to an older man like me. With the autism I find it hard to take care of myself, and he won’t listen to that. So when I’m done with that I’m going to see about getting a new doctor.

After that I’ll be looking into seeing a counselor or therapist on an emergency basis, to see if they can help. I may end up hospitalized, but then again the way the mental health industry is acting that may be the worst thing that can happen.

Sorry to gloom your day, but I just had to get this out.

And On It Comes

I thought I was going to do things, but then the melt down hit. Not a major melt down, but still something I can’t ignore or override. Speaking as an autistic we may glow, but that glow can be blinding. So it’s off to chill and let this pass.


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At present I have some 4,000 subscribers to this blog. If each one donated just $1 then I’d have enough for an iMac and I wouldn’t have to put up with the piece of shit I’m currently using. At $5 each I’d be able to get a scooter to ride around on, better clothes, and other stuff.

Ladies and gents, if you like what I present here feel free to encourage me.

This is Ground?

Use your UPS InfoNotice® or tracking number to get the latest package status and estimated delivery date.

Source: Tracking Details | UPS

I can only conclude that this went by air. It will make it from Vernon CA by truck, but you never know.

It’s Growing

I’m currently working on what I thought was going to be a blog post, but which is turning into something a bit bigger. Right now I’m writing it long hand into a composition book, after which it will be typed up and formatted in MS Word, then converted to a PDF and that embedded in a post. So I am working on this blog, but it’s taking me awhile.

The essay is on an old subject with me, that of magick in a world where magick works. In addition, I have something to say of how science applies to working magick. But to understand that it helps to know just how science works, and that I will cover in this essay.

Hope to get it to you soon.

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