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  1. I’ve decided to meld my two into a single Aegyptian mythos. Otherwise, it is hard to reconcile having (at least) three different Creators and pantheon organizations.

    I’d like to work with Alex to get a consistent Ethos for each of the deities involved. For example, I envision Ptah as Balance; Alex has him as Shadowy Darkness. Gary lists Ptah as an ally of Osiris, but doesn’t otherwise seem to define him, at least in the material available to myself.

    Once I get my basic document set up, I’ll go thru Alex’s work, and “grab” the Ethos for our common deities. I may still make exceptions in my Aegyptian campaign for my top 12 Divines, but since most of them have an Avatar under each Ethos that won’t matter.

    FYI, I plan to use Alex’s version in the Pantheon guide if he OKs it.

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