In My Life


For today that is I have run into a couple of problems. First apparently somebody couldn’t be bothered to note that I am on Medicaid, which is known as Medical here in California. So I’m being sued for not paying for paramedic treatment.

Then there’s the party who’ve decided they can charge me for a service I never signed up for, and that has my bank concerned and they’re investigating. But since my card is now defunct it means I can’t access my money, even if I did get donations.

Finally, a party just can’t deliver a package to me. I just hope they get the hint and give up.


SSI recipients in CA can now get food stamps (Calfresh in CA). That’s another $190 a month, which means I’ll have more money for things like a Macintosh, which I could really use.

In Any Case

I hope you know of somebody locally who can help here.

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