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The people we call the Iroquis are known on Aerth as here on Earth as the Haudenosaunee. On Aerth they are made up of some 9 nations, incorporating the Shawnee, The Tobaccoo, and the Tuatha of Eire (recent migrants from Hibernia). “Iroquis” is a French word of dubious origin. With “Iroukia” being adopted as a name for the federation as a way for the Haudenosanee to poke fun at the French. Much the same rationale as the adoption of the Norse “skraeling” as the Vargaardians name for themselves as a whole.

Government is by council, starting with village councils and working on up to tribe, nation, and federation. The chief nation among them are the Seneca (Onondaga as near as I can tell) who were among the first members of the federation. Corrections are welcome.)

Iroukia is a strong state, on good terms with Cherokia to the south-east, and hostile relations with Falcondonia to the east. There are reports of skirmishes with the Dakota to the west and the Cree to the north, but those have yet to be confirmed.

Iroukia also has a sizable Eire and Brython minority, owing to the French expulsion of those peoples from Falcondonia some centuries before. In particular the Tuatha de Danaan of Vargaard are now a member nation of the Haudenosaunee. The Mohawk, another lodge, take great glee in referring to the Tuatha as their “Token Whites”.

Next up a post on Falcondonia, after a bit of research.

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