Adventures Suck

Here’s what I need to do:

  1. I need to get my room cleaned up.
  2. I need to put stuff into storage.
  3. I need to prepare for surgeries, fortunately minor ones.
  4. I need to keep taking my meds on schedule.
  5. I need to contact an adult day care center where I won’t be so dang isolated.

Now the first two you locals can help me with. But I can’t really pay you with anything more substantive than chatter and gossip. Or maybe an adventure using an impromptu system. Or, I can teach you Dangerous Journeys using the Mythus variant.

In short we could have a Bob Con, named after Robert P. Goodwin, where visitors and friends would gather in his bedroom at The Frog Pond and gab about stuff. Contact me for my phone# and address. Balboa Park is just 2 blocks east of here.

Keep me off the street.

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