I Was Asked For This

David Brin asked me for evidence supporting Bigfoot, specifically genetic. I suspect that he’s looking for the animal’s genome, but the best I can do is to be found at the Sasquatch Genome Project, which provides some information, but not a genome as far as I can see.

Which points out a big problem in something like this, sloppy work. The woman behind this site, Dr. Melba S. Ketchum didn’t do a very good job. She did find genetics and they do point to a currently unknown primate, but I would not call her work organized or finalized.

Now soon after her results were made available to the general public a skeptic had a look at them. I’ve forgotten his name, but I have remembered an observation he made in his report. Namely, that most Bigfoot and (also included) Yeti genetics are also gorilla genetics. Apparently Dr. Ketchum concluded that the Bigfoot is a hybrid of gorilla and human. My conclusion is that bigfoots and humans have a common ancestor with gorillas.

Overall what I’m seeing with Ketchum’s work is her just being incompetent. My recommendations are:

  1. Keep the sasquatch and yeti samples separate. Since they are supposed to be separate species they do need to be evaluated separately. One may be a sub-species of the other, but for the moment let’s keep them segregated.
  2. Remember presentation. Make it easier for the audience to read your work. Organize it and explain.
  3. Don’t jump to conclusions. Ketchum assumed that the sasquatch had to be a mix of ape and human when such an assumption wasn’t necessary. We and bigfoot have an ancestor dating back to before the gorilla. All three it would appear have genes inherited from that ancestor. We are related, but that relation isn’t all that immediate.

I sympathize with Dave, for all too often we get those who insist on being rude and ignoring the need for evidence, and well prepared and presented evidence. Copernicus’ revolution was not all that well supported, allowing his critics to conclude that he was wrong overall. Darwin on the other hand did take the time and effort to support his conclusion, and he still had his deniers. Those of us who have accepted the presence of a bipedal ape in North America need to keep Copernicus and Darwin in mind, and to complete the damn job.

My recommendation is to gather up as much in the way of sasquatch hair as you can, remembering to keep it separate and to test it separately, at least as much as you can. Don’t mush it all up. And when you have results make those results available to all. Finally, get supplies together and head out to bigfoot territory and camp out for a year or two. Be sure to take a good film camera, something to write on, and a friendly dog. Dogs are great at breaking the ice. Above all, be patient, for meeting wild animals is not something that happens overnight.

Most importantly calm down. They’re under enough stress as it is, no sense in you adding to it.

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