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  • And What do You do With a Blog?

You post of course, and since I blog with the purpose of publishing the Mythus Adventure Guide, that's what I'm going to do here

Persona Creation

Choosing Gender

That part is probably the easiest thing to do. It is also the hardest. For Mythus I'll be keeping it simple initially, but keep in mind that gender among humans can get a tad busy. At it's simplest you choose between male and female, but there are complications involving a number of factors. Which you choose is your business, as are any complications.

Example: The example Persona I'll be creating is a male. In Mythus there are no benefits or penalties for being of a gender.

Social Class

Human society is divided into social classes, in Mythus they are known as Socioeconomic Classes (SEC). The player rolls percentiles against the table below. For you I present this widget.

Number of dice

Type of die:



Set it to "roll" a d100 and apply the roll against the table below.

Die Roll

Class Level

Class Name



lower lower class



middle lower class



upper lower class



lower middle class



middle middle class



upper middle class



lower upper class



middle upper class



upper upper class

Example: For our example Persona the roll I get as a "95", middle upper class. Or an aristocrat in other words.

You'll note that the table above does not present an accurate representation of how a society is divided into classes, that I'll cover in a later post. For the moment know that our sample Persona is a person of importance, and likely has people who serve him or work for him. He also has a fair number of choice where Vocations are concerned, but again that will be written about later.

As an option the player may choose an SEC for his Persona, or the guide may select one he prefers. But keep in mind that apparent benefits will have a price. An aristocrat for examples often has responsibilities and obligations. For example the dues he owes to his lord and his people. And he will be expected to present himself in a certain way to society. Aristocrats are just not the kind of people who can go wandering off willy nilly in search of adventure.

For Mythus is not a standard RPG, instead Mythus is an Adventure Guide (AG), and a Persona in an AG will have a life to live. Which means they will rarely get themselves hired to seek a treasure. It's more like the Persona in question will find himself in a situation where he will get involved in an adventure. Such as finding himself obligated to seek out an item required by that old gnomish mage who needs it for a potion he's concocting, but who needs to keep an eye on said potion as he gets the ingredients together.

In any case our Persona is an aristocrat, we'll learn further details as our posts continue

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