Bigger Than I’d Thought

In the UT series on deaths in the country jail it does appear that we do have a bigger problem than I had thought. Please note that there is a 3 free article limit, but then a subscription is just $o.99 for four weeks, and that is worth it just for the series. But you should at least read the story on the two country supervisors calling for a review of the best practices.

For my part I would not call them "best practices", for as far as I can see these "best practices" result in too damn many deaths. Not just among the mentally ill, or even the sick over all, but in the general population as a whole. And that can be laid at the feet of the sherif of San Diego County. His feet in that he says nothing substantial about it, and does nothing to counteract the actions or lack of action of his staff.

I know that Jacob and Fletcher say they don't expect an outside investigation. But I can't agree. I expect an outside investigation, and I'm hoping for an outside investigation. First by the California State Attorney General's office, and then by the Federal Attorney General's office if that doesn't work. Allowing people to die in a government facility when they can be saved is a violation of civil rights. And should the investigation call for it to be followed by civil or criminal prosecution by the attorney general concerned.

And should they need a charge to hit the SD County Sherif, my recommendation is negligent homicide.

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