Trump defense: Ukraine ‘quid pro quo’ not impeachable

Trump's defenders relied on retired professor Alan Dershowitz, a member of their team, who told senators that every politician conflates his own interest with the public interest. "It cannot be impeachable,” he declared.

Source: Trump defense: Ukraine 'quid pro quo' not impeachable

Mr. Dershowitz, do you think about the things you do think about?

Fine, so it's apparently a common practice in court, but is it legit? Fuck tradition, wrong is just wrong and the legal fraternity can just bite me. For that matter, was it even in the public interest? Was Trump doing anything for us, or were we part of his thinking? I rather doubt it. To put it simply I don't expect our President was even thinking about what dirt on Joe Biden and son could even mean to the general public.

Dershowitz's defense is a crock, and a stinky crock at that.

Donald J. Trump from what I can see wanted dirt on an opponent for his benefit, and his benefit alone. The American public had damn all to do with it. An American President just doesn't do that sort of shit, and doing it is an impeachable offense where I am concerned. I stole a beef steak from the grocery there would be no justification for it, for I would have alternatives to such an action. I'm sure that Trump had alternatives to his, he just didn't care.

In addition, Trump's defense is showing a basic contempt for the American public. Contempt in that they obviously think we are mindless fools without an ounce of functioning brain matter in our heads. I call it bigotry and I say his defenders can go get stuffed.

Dershowitz is deluded, Dershowitz is an ass, and the man's grasp on logic and reason is grounds for his dismissal from the case. To quote Mark Slackmayer of Doonsbury from way back in the day, Trump is guilty, guilty, guilty, and he would be much better off to resign. We'll survive Pence, but keeping him out of office ain't worth the price of keeping Trump in.

No people deserve a fool.

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