Auto Draft

This was drafted using the classic block in Gutenberg. It essentially does what the classic editor does, without all the extraneous crab found in Gutenberg. You get headers, you get formatting. You can get columns, though not real drop caps. Though then again I have yet to find anything in WP that can properly handle drop caps.

Though it really doesn't have all the features of the classical editor, apparently you have to use other blocks for them.

Though this still lets you do a post, if you are willing to accept the limitations you get with Gutenberg.

But over all using Gutenberg just asks for too much. I'm autistic, I can get overwhelmed when there's just to much to deal with. JTMNS, just too much neat shit. I'd rather deal with an editor that offers what all Gutenberg offers, starting from a common playing field. Gutenberg doesn't need all the damn blocks, one meta-block will no it. Then you add formatting and styles and the like.

Let's go back to Tiny MCE and repair what is wrong there, instead of complicating things to an extreme.

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