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You've heard about the Wuhan Virus by now I bet, but have you heard anything about the current flu virus? Seems there's a second strain of the flu going about, and last I've heard it has caused some 10,000 deaths. It's big news in the medical field, and here in San Diego the local hospitals have run short on space because of new cases.… More to come

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First Step

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Metaphysics


In this series I'm going to write a bit about world building. In this very first step it'll be about the basic foundation of the setting. In other words, a basic description of how it is, and how it is and is not a real setting.… More to come

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How I do Fret

Another fortnight until I have that operation on Feb. 18th. Then I get the last kidney stone removed, and the stents they installed earlier as well. Means I may well stop seeing blood in my urine and being able to recover from the things.… More to come

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