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In this series I'm going to write a bit about world building. In this very first step it'll be about the basic foundation of the setting. In other words, a basic description of how it is, and how it is and is not a real setting.

The Basics

At the heart of matters this is a realistic setting, for all that it doesn't fit our notions of reality. You get right down to it, the setting I'm presenting in this series is what you could call a plausible one. That is, it make sense even though it does have it's differences with our reality.

The Metaphysics

Here I take metaphysics to refer to the physical in the sense of how the physical is understood. That being that there is a reason for things being the way they are, and that this understanding can be learned. That it can be taught, explained, proven, and falsified.

That here we are not able to completely understand and that we are capable of making mistakes. Just as importantly, that we can correct our mistakes and continue on from there.

The Foundation

This setting, which will get a name, is a physical setting, with features and traits our reality can not have. It is very much a matter of the nature of existence, for at the heart that which makes up reality here is a matter of what space-time is and what it can be.

Most especially it is a matter of how space-time can be shaped. Molded if you like. For here space-time can be shaped by interaction with itself in the two states, flat and folded, and it is from this shaping that we get the typographies of space-time and the forces.

Here the forces are: Gravity, the Strong Force, the Weak Force, Electromagnetism, and Magick. Though the last is not a force recognized by all, but is rather seen as the ability to shape matter through will. Indeed, there would seem to be some ability a few have that allows this manipulation much as we are able to physically manipulate the physical through Electromagnetism. Though we must admit that our skill with magick is not always all that great, and not everybody has the talent to any degree. In addition, depending on the milieu in question our abilities will not be as great in one setting as in another.

Magick and Understanding

That is how I see magick in the realms of Infinite Adventures. In some it is powerful, in others weak. In a few it is ubiquitous, in others rare. And note that even when the available magick is strong does not mean that it is common.

Magick and Science

And note further that in the world of IA (Infinite Adventures) science as a knowledge and a technique can be applied to it. That is, it can be tested, proved, and understood.

Magickal Theory

In short magick is the ability to manipulate reality through the application of will. How exactly this is possible is not known, and not enough is known about reality to allow the property to be investigated and tested. What is known is that sometimes when a person says the right words just right in the right frame of mind with clear intention and the proper materials and gestures, things can be made to happen.

Up next

At this point I'll be posting this. In the next in this series we'll be taking a look at the laws of magick in IA and how they apply to our imaginary settings.

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