You've heard about the Wuhan Virus by now I bet, but have you heard anything about the current flu virus? Seems there's a second strain of the flu going about, and last I've heard it has caused some 10,000 deaths. It's big news in the medical field, and here in San Diego the local hospitals have run short on space because of new cases. In fact I think I was hurried out of my bed at UC San Diego Health because of an emergency case.

But we've got to fuss about Wuhan.

You see, Wuhan is new. Wuhan is mysterious. Wuhan is sexy and gives certain parties heart palpitations. That flu virus? Eh, just a flu virus.

Novelty, such a draw.

Maybe if we started seeing people dying in droves on the streets from it? I don't know, but I do know that we really do need to start using our noodles and taking steps against it. Get vaccinated, stay home if you're sick, and you middle managers can just back off and let people stay home and load up on chicken soap and anti-congestant.

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