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This post is the first in a series on the subject of existence. On how I see the matter of how and why things are and how and why our reality works.

The Foundation

We start with the matter of infinity. You've most likely heard that there are things in our reality that are somehow infinite. Or might as well be infinite. The impression I get here is that certain parties don't understand what infinity is. Th best explanation I have for infinity is, infinity has no limits. That is infinity's one limit, that it can have no limit.

Yet our existence, our reality, has limits. It has tons of limits. A limit for one thing in just how fast anything can move. And a limit in just how large anything can be, when you get right down to it. We are an example of how things are limited, for we can't be perfected if you want to be honest about it, and we have a limit in just how much we can and do understand. We can't know without limit, and that is definitely a limit. In infinity there would be no limit in our knowledge and comprehension.

In short, in our reality there honestly can be no true infinity, only the illusion of infinity.

On Structure

The foundation aside I now write of the matter of how things on constituted in our existence. At the heart our structure is based upon what we call spacetime. Of spacetime there are at least 3 spatial dimensions and 1 temporal. the idea we may have more is based on math, and math by and large tends to be an abstract that may not have any actual existence. Or, rather, what existence it describes is just coincidental. Still, based on what we can observe we do seem to have three physical and one temporal dimension. And that this "spacetime" can be shaped in something like 9 different ways to give us the fields of interaction and the objects we know.


Though I have the suspicion that spacetime isn't really at the heart of the matter. It could be that there is something lying underneath spacetime that I'll call "existence" Thus the name for this series.

And that it is that existence that is at the heart infinite. In addition, that it is what we know of as existence that is our reality, our finite reality. 

To Sum Up

That is as far as I'm ready to go right now. For the next in the series we'll be having a look at our 4 forces, and the 9 fields of interaction associated with them. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have a good day.

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