Right now life just ain't going well for me. Now I am getting a good reaction to my Infinite Adventures page of FaceBook, but I'm also going through a bit of a funk thanks to my Prozac running out. I need to see my shrink, but I can't because I'm stuck here and I can't get through to my insurance to get a ride to my dr's office. And then there's there's the operation that's coming up on the 18th of this month, and that means even more stress to add to everything else.

And on top of it I'll I'm going to have to transfer about $80 of the money in my PayPal account, leaving just $40 in there. So the e-scooter is going to have to wait a bit longer.

Though I recently got a few magazines to read, and I'll be blogging on the articles I've read in them when I'm ready to. The special Scientific American issue on women is especially interesting, since it's about how different the differences can be, and how when you get right down to it we are so much alike in our differences.

Any way, I need to catch up on my eating and my sleeping and my blogging, and when I'm done here I'll be checking in on my  subscribers. Have you a donation feel free to use the button below.


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