As part of this series I will be addressing what is an important detail for me. That being your paying attention during play. To put this simply, you don’t pay attention during play you will get surprised. You don’t want to get surprised? Then pay attention.

The same thing applies to your Persona during play. You’re not paying attention then he’s not paying attention. If you want him to notice things, then he has to pay attention. It is after all rather rude of you to not pay attention and to thus deny your fellows his assistance when they may well need it.

However, even should you be paying attention that does not mean you will notice what’s going on, either as player or as Persona. But at least you’ll have a chance to notice, and you do that by succeeding in a “Notice” check against either your Persona’s Mental or Physical Perception. So if his Physical Notice is a 56, then on a percentile role of 32 he’s going to notice. He’s going to catch something that gets his attention and he’s going to be aware of it. And when he’s aware he can then do something about it.

But don’t assume that he will always be aware. We do get distracted, and being distracted means that we’re now just not paying attention. In addition being focused on one thing very often means we’re not going to be paying attention to other things. As I understand it, those serving in the military are taught to switch their attention from one thing to another, to look and see what else is going on around them. It’s the same thing in Dangerous Journeys for all that what is happening is imaginary. The same thing with cops, and it’s a good skill to have as a driver.

So let your guide know you’re paying attention and give him some idea of what you are looking for. And look up. Make sure he knows you’re looking up, you may surprise that ceiling crawling spider.

And most importantly of all, don’t assume. In Dangerous Journeys you don’t have to kill everything, and some people may actually help you. But be ready for fighting just in case.

And after fighting tell your guide you’re checking the situation out again. You may actually notice something going on you were too busy to notice before. You may not, but at least you gave it a shot.

Now this all needs some refinement, such as what DR to set your chance of noticing at and how to adjust it should it need adjustment. And you’re welcome to offer advice, for you may think of things I haven’t.

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