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I need to write. I need to write what amounts to an engine to a guide, a guide to living a life in an imaginary world. I am reminded of Bill Shakespeare and what he wrote for his introduction to Henry V, an introduction he apparently had no idea what to say in until the words “Oh for a muse of fire” came to him as he was sitting at his supper one evening. For like him a muse of fire is what I need, a muse that shall bring my words alight and help you, my good readers, to hear what I would like you to hear, and to see what I need you to see.

Oh for a muse of fire. Words that shall speak to you, that will let you see and let you hear my intentions. A muse who shall bring to mind adventures either next door on your street, or on distant worlds from whom the light has not reached our domain. Strange beasts, strange people, strange sights we know naught of and of which we have no real inkling. For when we speak of dragons think you of great bat winged beasts adrift in the upper air, or of serpents drifting through marshes thick with reeds where float nests for loon and muskrat. For it is you who must take what we say here and give it life, make of it a living world with people and occasions, songs and stories. You who can best picture what I can only hint at with fumbling phrasing that flounders in a mind ill suited for such a practice.

For you to take what you have heard, what you have seen before and flesh it anew. For you to dress it in a garb that shall let your audience see what you speak of, what you sing of, of what you act. For all I can do is to present a skeleton, a framework upon which you hang the walls, and walls upon which you hang the curtains and tapestries and paintings. A scene for them, your players, to populate in their own way, for it is for you and they both to bring a world to life. Heroes to emulate, villains to foil, merchants and tradesmen to interact with, and creatures both benign and malign to befriend or battle as you see best.

That is the challenge I present for you, you and those who participate under your guidance. A challenge for you to make of what I present here something that you all may remember and what may lead you to guide others to follow in your path. For in the end I can but hope that you may take what I present in the pages to come and use them as food for a setting that grows and thrives. For it is up to you to make of this what others may find inspiration from.

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