I want to post something, but then I’m having a melt down. Melt downs are nasty. Melt downs are mean. God made it possible for a condition like autism to arise in humans, that makes God a shithead. You got that right, I just cursed God. And like that’s gonna hurt Him.

Or as a Jew once put it, “God is a bitch.”

And I’ll bet God is chortling to Himself and saying, “You got that right bub.”

So when God is being a shithead and a bitch get off your ass and make some attempt to stop it. Cops are out nigger hunting? Stop them. Voter suppression in your neighborhood? Stop it. Your arms ain’t broken, and even if they were you can always ask for help. And no one has the right to tell you “No, you can’t act on your own behalf.”.

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