God is Just Plain Rotten

Recently I cursed God, Essentially I called him a bitch and a shit head. Largely because he is. So what does God do?

I have a sneaking suspicion he inspired my getting a copy of PDF of Chivalry and Sorcery 5th edition from Britannia Games, and then he got my neighbors to help me get my purchases home from Wall Mart yesterday. That rotten fuck. As as old Jew once said, be kind to our enemies, it’ll piss ’em off. And to make this all even worse, I appreciate what all people have done for me. So to them all I say, “Thank You.”

And to God I say, “May you find Jesus and Lilith working together on providing you with grandkids during a mass in the Vatican under Papal direction.” He’s gonna pay for being nice. 🙂

So now I’m going to ask you for a donation. I’ve set the default at $10 US, but you’re free to provide any amount you’d like.  Right now I need briefs and socks and pocket Ts. Food I’ve got and Roxanne is hoping to drop in soon to get the place picked up and cleaned.  I may have things to deal with regarding my kidneys, but those Medicare and Medical should deal with. In any case the button is: [cpDonation key=’1′], so if you will click on that and donate what you feel best to donate. And thanks for your time.

And for the folks at Britannia Games; damn  you, you’re getting material for 5th edition. Suffer.

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