I’ve been going through the magick rules for C&S and I have come to the conclusion that the RPG is dang involved. A lot of detail in short and that means you’ve got a bit of studying to do. To make this simple for you, you’ve got work to do.

And not just the reading, you’re going to need to take notes, and that means note books, and pens, and pencils, and erasers, and stuff like that there. In the long run that means you will need to get familiar with the mechanics and to maintain that familiarity. In fact, I’m thinking that this could mean somebody producing such things as notebooks and pens and the like to compliment the rules etc. Like maybe a “spellbook” for writing down castings and the like for consultation during the course of play.

Though I must confess I don’t yet have a good idea of just who is capable of casting, but if it turns out to be a fair proportion of the population you’d better damn well expect to see magick in C&S having a substantial impact on society in the worlds of C&S. World creation means work, so get to it.

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