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This series is about magick in fantasy RPGs and how by and large they fail to present it accurately. Once we’ve had a look at why RPGs such as Ars Magica and Chivalry & Sorcery fail to handle magick realistically we’ll then have a look at how magick most likely does work later in the series.

What is Magick?

For our purposes I’m going to be describing magick as the ability to manipulate matters through will and desire. That requires a force or energy much like the electromagnetic though which we can manipulate the physical. Which in turn requires an existence where this magickal energy can exist. That is, is possible.

My suspicion is that the forces we know; gravity, electromagnetic, the strong force, and the weak force; are made possible by just how space time can be shaped. By how ST can be bent if you would. In the case of magick we’re talking about a fifth way (maybe sixth) in which space time can be shaped.

The end result being the fact that in a fantasy RPG what we call magick does work and can produce results. And it is this that results in a world very much different than ours. And that leads us to the next in this series, on just how and why the understanding of what a magickal world is like is not going to be like our world.

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